Tuesday, February 10, 2009

John Tory on TVO’s The Agenda tonight

The leader of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party, John Tory, is scheduled to appear on TVO’s The Agenda television program hosted by Steve Paikin. toryMain

According to The Agenda web site, Mr. Tory will discuss the future of the PC Party and its policies.

I suspect we’ll be seeing and hearing much more of Mr. Tory—pictured at right (Image credit: Raina Kirn and Wilson Barry)—now that he’s finally decided to contest a seat in the Legislature.

Mr. Tory will make his bid for a seat on March 5, when a by-election will be held in Haliburton-Kawartha Lakes-Brock—all thanks to PC MP Laurie Scott, who vacated her seat so that Mr. Tory could run.smleaf


  1. Hey Better Not F*** It Up This Time

  2. God, what a f***ing joke. Why is he even getting a 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th...chance?

    John Tory's resume:
    -Failed in politics at all three levels: municipal (lost to David Miller), provincial (lost to Dalton McGuinty and Kathleen Wynne), federal (two seat defeat)
    -Failed as a strategists ('93), failed as a candidate ('03,'07), and failed as a leader ('07-present)

  3. John Tory is the Story - The next two years were tailored made for John Tory's political career.

    Worst Economic Downturn in Ontario's history? Who better to save us then one of Ontario best and most well known biz experts.

    Starting March 5th...things get tough for McGuinty

  4. Just by moving the POV....same facts, different conclusion:

    If Tory's persistence were regarded as a strength, what then? If coping with the economy's long slow recovery is going to take longevity and conviction -- would his tenacity be an asset?

    Puzzling to read these character traits automatically ruled as suspect, instead of valuable.

    Don't we already HAVE a premier who's stunned into passivity by what he's facing, and appears to be quitting before he's even started?

    Keen to hear more thoughts on this arbitrary position of tenacity as a weakness.

  5. ok, so what i read is that most people, at least the ones posting here, would have given up long ago.

    fair enough. admirable to admit that.

    glad you're not gonna be premier, glad you're not gonna be leading us out of the economic dump for the next few years.

    p.s. russ, yr foto of tory is flipped, that's why it doesn't look like him. flip it horizontally.

  6. His resume? What about his job as office manager at his uncle's law firm. Or his stint as Commisioner of CFL at salary of $1/yr. Or his lobbyist job with Rogers. This rich kid has accomplished nothing. Now he is Mcguinty's insurance policy. Also he is Harper's best recruiter in Ontario. Look for a mass exodus to Feds if he wins the by-election

  7. had a job at uncle's biz: SO very diff than a job driving tractor on uncle's family farm? *why?*

    CFL for $1/yr: and the victims here would be...?

    lobbyist with rogers: the victims would be?

    there are some implied sympathies here, but unclear as to how the writer identifies or supports the abused groups.

    otherwise, what is the accusation exactly?