Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Few Grits bet their money on their party

According to the Edmonton Sun, in the last quarter of 2008, the Tories collected more contributions—$6.3 ignatieffmillion—than the Grits raised for the entire year.  Figures released by Elections Canada show Stephen Harper’s Conservatives raised almost $21.2 million last year, more than three times the $6.2 million collected by the Stéphane Dion/Michael Ignatieff/Bob Ray Liberals. The NDP took in almost $5.5 million.

DION PRIORITIESIn 2008, the Conservatives had 174,558 contributors; the Liberals had 52,310. Can you believe that the Liberal brand was so unappealing in 2008—Stéphane Dion’s rein—that only some 52,000 individuals chose to contribute money to them? And this is a political party that claims national support. For goodness  sake, they should have, at least, this number of “real” members in Ontario alone. I consider “real” members to be the ones who contribute money to party coffers.

Listening to how they preach to us and how often they tell us what Canadians need and what Canadians want, I’d have thought they had membership numbers of, at least, six digits. And this is the party that has put the Tories on probation?

What a joke. The Liberal party is a big joke.smleaf


  1. We still have the o/s matter of the loans to Liberals for the leadership campaign long past. Elections Canada fails to meaningful action on what amounts to illegal contributions. Free ride for the Liberals.

  2. You bet, Curls. It's a disgrace.

  3. The conservative party certainly does raise money well once they're in office. Its just too bad about that $25b dollars (starting surplus - current deficit pre stim) the government has wasted with nothing to show for it. Laugh it up! Its not like the Conservative government mis-managed a surplus and then pushed a survival deficit budget, all while we bleed jobs.