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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Andrea Calver makes ass of herself on Michael Coren Show

Last night on the Michael Coren Show on CTS Television, self-styled “activist” Andrea Calver made a total ass of herself when she accused fellow panelist—Conservative writer and former publisher of the Canadian magazine the Western Standard—Ezra Levant of the “vilification of Muslims.”

This remark was appalling, especially since Ms. Calver was unable to back-up her slur. Oh, she hemmed and hawed and claimed she was referring to Mr. Levant’s reprinting of the controversial Muhammad cartoons that originally appeared in the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten.

The content of Coren’s TV show has been slipping badly for some time now. We still get debate from across the political spectrum—and that’s nice to see, but the quality of the panelists is so poor at times, the debates can be banal, to say the least. Seldom are the panelists anything but spokespersons for their left- or right-wing causes. Open debate by people with closed minds is not entertaining.

Regular panelists Andrea Calver and Marilyn Churley are among the weakest the show has to offer. What it is that “qualifies” these two to offer opinions on a wide variety of news stories is a mystery. They seldom have a good grasp of the stories, unless there is a feminist or political correctness angle of some sort for them to exploit. The show could also do without the closed/narrow mindedness of occasional panelists Dr. Charles McVety, president of Canada Christian College in Toronto and Harry Kopyto, another self-styled “activist,” but that’s another story.

I thought Coren was ineffectual in his hosting duties as he let Calver “get away” with not justifying her unsavory and inaccurate portrayal of Mr. Levant’s decision to reprint the Danish cartoons. On a previous show, when a regular panelist insulted NDP leader Jack Layton, Coren was quick to make a fuss over it and demand an apology before he would allow the show to continue. To be sure, last night Coren did challenge Ms. Calver and gave Mr. Levant the opportunity to defend himself, but Coren did little to censure the uncalled-for personal attack. Here’s a clip from the show, you can decide for yourselves.


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  1. I like Michael Coren , but he tries too hard to appear balanced and in particular has too many left-wing "activists" such as Calver on his show.

    By and large the "lefties" bring nothing to the table in terms of "balanced" discussion other than the same old left-wing rants.

    I stopped watching Coren's show as listening to Sid Ryan , Andrea Calver , Marilyn Churley etc. is too much.

  2. I saw the show last night and agree with Ezra: Calver is a clown or dare I say a "useful idiot" of the left.

  3. Michael Coren has been pandering to the left for some time - he bends over backwards and sideways to accommodate the extreme left views of his guests. As if this point of view is not already adequately represented in the media. The program used to be a refreshing discussion of issues, now the guests lecture on every lefty issue - its a teachable moment for most of them. Thank God I have a free will remote, which I choose to use liberally. I did not enroll in political science 101. Sid Ryan has been the worst offender in his snide, sanctimonious disdain on many issues, especially Israel. I haven't watched the program since Christmas.

  4. Personally I thought he did a respectful job of letting hr cut her own throat. She was pathetic to watch and her bigotry came shining through. Ezra finished off the job with vigor. Go Ezra Go!

  5. People watch that right wing clown?

  6. Andrea Carver is an embarrassment to the political left but she's not a bigot; she's just an idiot. If you think that Coren is pandering to the left you are just as big of an idiot as her.

  7. Coren's so smug that he makes you want to braid rope. I get the feeling that he's like the attractive narcissist who keeps around a homely friend just to make himself look that much better. There is no reason for Harry Kopyto to be on that show. Having been to law school, I can laugh at Kopyto's bombastic soul-splitting emptiness. He's the guy who, after three years of studying the criminal code, comes into class and says that "natural justice" is all that matters. Kopyto's been reading the same copy of Montaigne's essays for fifty-seven years. Coren's [wink] at his best when he's denigrating every Canadian insitution (educational, political, artistic, etc.) while asserting his own greatness. Oh, wait--it's just a coincidence that Catholics (he's Catholic), U.K.-educated people (he's U.K.-educated), soccer fans (soccer's the greatest game in the world and, co-incidentally, Coren's favourite), Chesterton readers (the greatest writer and, also, Coren's favourite) are the greatest people in the world; whereas York University graduates are all mumbling street sweepers.