Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What’s up with CUPE?

The Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) and its Ontario leader, Sid Ryan, seem to have adopted the Palestinian cause. In 2006 the union voted to join an international boycott campaign against Israel. In 2007 the Canadian Arab Federation gave Mr. Ryan an award for advocacy and social justice.

Yesterday, the National Post reported that CUPE’s Ontario University Workers Coordinating Committee is proposing a ban on Israeli academics teaching in Ontario’s universities. In this shameful example of social justice CUPE-style, the union attempts to expand its boycott of goods and services from the Jewish state to include that country’s academics, many of whom could very well oppose Israeli policies towards the Palestinians, but do not choose to criticize their our country in public.

What’s going on here? Why is CUPE and Mr. Ryan singling out of Israel in this way?

It strikes me as odd that, with human rights abuses common in past decades, wherein millions were murdered in places like China and the former Soviet Union and several hundred by the terrorist acts of the very Palestinians Mr. Ryan and his union defends, yet it is the small state of Israel that Mr. Ryan and his public service union targets for their show of outrage and sanction.

Is the singling out of Israel merely an indication of the union’s left-wing anti-Americanism or something much darker and more shameful?

The National Post suggests the latter, calling it bigotry. I’m not prepared to go that far, but my suspicions are aroused.smleaf


  1. Looks like a BIGOT, quacks like a BIGOT, smells like a Bigot? It's bigotry all right, pure and simple hate...wake up it permeates the very air we breath here in Canada.

  2. If Sid wanted to show some fairness than why didn't he or CUPE ban Islamic scholars from the universities and schools when the radical Islamists around the world are now torturing, killing and maiming muslim girls just for going to school and trying to get an education?