Wednesday, January 28, 2009

We haven’t enough news to satisfy mass media’s capacity to report it

One of the best things about yesterday’s federal budget is that it has essentially put an end to the seemingly endless weeks of speculation by media flahertypundits about what we could expect it to contain. Only minutes before Finance Minister Jim Flaherty was set to deliver his budget speech, CTV NewsNet had a guest speculating about its contents.

How mindless was this when, in less than five minutes, we would have the real goods? Yet this seems today’s norm. Even speculation about a news event is reported and analyzed as if it were the actual event. If patience is a virtue, it’s one our mainstream media has precious little of. The MSM seem incapable of waiting for real events to occur before they begin analyzing them.

My theory is that our capacity to report and comment on the news far outstrips our society’s ability to generate real news. Twenty-four/seven cable television has such a veracious appetite for things newsworthy, it has to generate hours and days of pre-event speculation and spend at least as much time on post-event analysis and commentary. Frankly, I find that sort of thing futile and boring to boot.smleaf

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  1. You would think that the left would be most grateful for the orgy of spending that is to be unleashed by Ottawa, until you realize their contempt for the notion of tax cuts.