Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sid Ryan apologizes for slur

When Sid Ryan compared the actions of the Israeli military to those of the Nazis in the Second World War, he slurred the entire nation of Israel in the most hurtful way imaginable. No more odious comparison could be made than to compare any Jew to a Nazi.

quote-left-red-grey-bgThe example I gave was inappropriate and left people with the impression I was trying to compare the people of Israel with the Nazis.quote-right-red-grey-bg

– Sid Ryan

Ever the hardhead, Mr. Ryan refused to withdraw or reword his repugnant analogy when he was interviewed later on Toronto’s CFRB radio. Today, however, the National Post published a public apology from Mr. Ryan.

Only Mr. Ryan knows for sure whether his apology was heartfelt. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt on the basis of “better later than never.” One does have to wonder, however, why any veteran union leader, and past NDP candidate, would allow himself to become embroiled in such a shabby controversy. At a minimum, it points to appalling judgement on his part.

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  1. I now see why the CAW district in Oshawa wouldn't vote him in to get near the steering wheel to drive the Union into the history books with his constant bashing of the USA and the American's in the UAW for Electing a Moron from Texas.
    CUPE,NDP,CAIR,CAW,Muhammad Elmasry,Palestine house,Sheema Khan and other pro-Sharia Law Islamists have shot themselves in the foot by embracing such a hatred for the West that Obama may demand the GM and FORD kill Auto assembly jobs outside of the USA first.

    Any CAW member out there that loses their job this year can please phone CUPE and the NDP for a bail-out or to BUY-JOBS with their money not OURS.
    Wake-up Sid, Canada stop making cars around 1942 and now only Assemblies them for foreign Corporations like GM and FORD that you hate so much for being American.