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Monday, January 19, 2009

Ignatieff posturing and playing the big shot

Liberal Party leader, Michael Ignatieff, was full of bluff and posturing yesterday as he addressed his first parliamentary caucus gathering.ignatieff  Mr. Ignatieff, filled with a sense of his own importance, laid out his “tests” for supporting the upcoming Conservative budget, saying:

quote-left-red-beige-bgThis budget has three simple tests that it must pass. Will it protect the most vulnerable? Will it save jobs? And most important of all will it create the jobs of tomorrow?quote-right-red-beige-bg

What Mr. Ignatieff was not saying—at least not publicly—was the obvious: the budget will have to stink for the Grits to vote it down. Mr Ignatieff is not the political babe in the woods his predecessor, Stéphane Dion, was and will not be manipulated, by the likes of Jack Layton, into defeating the government and hoping that the Governor-General would give the Liberal-NDP coalition a chance to form a Bloc-supported government. That strategy was Mr. Dion’s only chance of becoming prime minister.

Mr. Ignatieff is in for the long haul and—as polling shows—an alliance with the NDP and guaranteed by the Bloc Québécois would have disastrous results, ending eventually in another, stronger election win for the Tories.

NDP leader Jack Layton will have his party vote against the budget no matter what it contains, because he knows it is now or never for the coalition—and his best chance of ever having a seat at a federal cabinet table.

Toronto MP John McCallum, the party’s economic policy critic, told reporters Mr. Ignatieff has said a Liberal vote against the Jan. 27 budget “is still very much a possibility.” But that’s just the old master spin-doctor at work. I don’t believe a word this man says when it come to this sort of thing.

If the government falls over the Jan. 27 budget, it’ll be because Prime Minister Stephen Harper sees some political advantage to be gained, not because Mr. Ignatieff believes in the Liberal-NDP-Bloc alliance.smleaf

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  1. Good posting but you say that Ignatieff is "not the Babe in the Woods" that Dion was?????

    To that I must disagree. Ignatieff is a raw political rookie. He has never managed anything but his own career in his entire life. He has never been on parliamentary committees let alone made decisions that would affect 33 million people.

    Ignatieff's "political bluster" is manufactured by Warren Kinsella, Scott Brison, McCullum and TD's Don Drummond who used to be Paul Martin's Deputy Minister.

    Any policy words coming out of Ignatieff's mouth were put there by blindly ambitions Liberal partisans who hate Harper - not love Canada first.

    This guy is boasting that he is going to "grade" the budget like a teacher grades papers they have no hand in producing. He has not been involved in any of the briefings with the many thousands of groups and economists, mayors, premiers and world wide financial experts.

    He has no credentials whatsoever to "grade" this budget don't you think?

  2. Press release from the Chinese Canadian Conservative Association:

    Senior Ignatieff Liberal's "cat meat" comment offends the Chinese community

    Chinese Canadian Conservative Association calls on Liberal leader to fire Senior Liberal strategist Warren Kinsella

    Toronto – Alex Yuan, chair of the Chinese Canadian Conservative Association called on Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff to distance himself from the comments made by senior Liberal strategist Warren Kinsella. In a recent blog posting Kinsella likened the meat found in Chinese cuisine to cat meat.

    “Back in the Big Owe for a couple weeks, so what better way to kick things off than with some BBQ cat and rice at the Yang Sheng, hangout of our youth? Yay!”

    Kinsella repeated the offensive comment in a video posting on his website.

    “Our community is deeply concerned with Mr. Kinsella's comments. Kinsella repeats the most vulgar and offensive stereotypes by associating the meat served by Chinese restaurants to cat meat. He has hurt the feelings of the Chinese people and disrespected the Chinese culture," continued Yuan.

    “This is not the first instance of such intolerant remarks by Mr. Kinsella therefore we call upon Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff to fire Mr. Kinsella as his senior strategist and apologize to the community.”

    Mr. Kinsella was forced to apologize for another intolerant blog posting in 2007. In the 2007, he wrote a post suggesting that Progressive Conservative MPP Lisa MacLeod would rather bake cookies than run for office.

    For more information please contact:

    Tom Pang, CCCA Director