Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ignatieff huffs and puffs but won’t blow the Tory house down

Michael Ignatieff has castigated Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government over its Jan. 27 budget, but wimps out and supports the budget anyway, with some face-saving amendments that are ignatieffsupposed to make the government more accountable.

At a news conference earlier today, Ignatieff engaged in much the same sort of puffery we have become accustomed to with the former Liberal Party leader Stéphane Dion. But when the rubber hit the road, Mr. Ignatieff broke with the now deceased Liberal-NDP-Bloc alliance and sided with the Tory government.

NDP leader Jack Layton seems furious—I’m watching him now on CTV NewsNet—as he chastises Ignatieff for what he sees as a betrayal of Dion’s promise to bring down the government and give Jack a seat at the Liberal cabinet table. Jack says that we now have a new coalition with the Liberals and the Conservatives. Poor Jack, no more cockiness, just bitterness.smleaf

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  1. Ignatieff could have asked for an amendment to give more relief to people on unemployment insurance and I'm sure Harper wouldn't have dared to turn it down. Not a great poker player so far, Mr. Ignatieff.

    I'm getting very tired of all the commentators saying how the Conservatives are going against their principles by having a deficit - well, who pushed them to do so - all those same commentators and opposition members.