Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Wow, talk about hidden agendas

The political left in this country is forever accusing Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Conservative party of having a hidden agenda. But now we see what a real hidden agenda looks like, and it’s ugly: the conspiracy between the New Democratslayton (NDP) and the Bloc Québécois.

We have always known that the socialists owed their loyalty more to their “movement” and doctrine than to their country. Socialism is like a religion.

That’s the essential difference between socialists and other left of centre liberals: they both operate on the left of the political centre, but the socialists are ideologues and owe their loyalty to such forces as the “class struggle,” the “labour movement” and the “welfare state.”

quote-left-red-grey-bgNothing could be better for our country than to have the 50 (BQ) members out of 75 who've been elected in Quebec actually helping to make Canada a better place. …

This whole thing [Liberal/NDP coalition] wouldn't have happened if the moves hadn't of been made with the Bloc to lock them in early because you couldn't put three people together in three hours.

The first part was done a long time ago. I won't go into details.quote-right-red-grey-bg

– Jack Layton [source]

Our Canadian socialists will make any deal or compromise to move their party closer to the centre of political power. Socialists are internationalists and often mock and deride any show of nationalism. You often see examples of this on television talk shows. Socialists, in Canada and elsewhere, seldom support national armed forces, and many even balk at wearing replica poppies in remembrance of those who died for our country.

It is really no stretch for a socialist leader like Jack Layton to reach out to a traitor like Gilles Duceppe and his separatist Bloc Québécois and form an alliance. Layton is quoted as boasting to his caucus,

quote-left-red-beige-bgThe first part [pact with the Bloc] was done a long time ago. I won’t go into details.quote-right-red-beige-bg

Wouldn’t we all just love to know what “details” Layton chose not to “go into?” A secret pact with a party whose stated purpose, their raison d’être, is the destruction of Canada. My God, has the man no shame?

The Bloc is not a formal partner in the Liberal/NDP coalition, of course, but with the secret pact Layton made with the Bloc “a long time ago” in his back pocket, Layton was able to cut a deal with the feeble-minded, power hungry Stéphane Dion and his Grits to get six seats at the cabinet table.

The fact that such an alliance will surely hurt Canada is immaterial to men like Layton. After all, it furthers the ends of his socialist NDP and Jack gets to finally move out of the kitchen.

Canadians have always known this about the NDP, at least, at a subconscious level. This intuition is a big part of why they have rejected the NDP in every federal election for the past several decades.smleaf


  1. Can you explain what is wrong with supporting such forces as the “class struggle,” the “labour movement” and the “welfare state.” In particular, what is wrong with issues like the class struggle and the labour movement?

  2. Harper’s pre-emptive wars.

    The Liberal plan was to hold no-confidence vote at HoC right after results of US election were announced and ride into Canadian elections with the momentum of electoral victory of US Democratic Party.

    Harper pre-emptively called for Federal Elections in Canada in October to prevent US spin masters helping Liberals to win election in Canada as they were busy with US elections helping Democrats.

    After Obama won the new Liberal plan was to trigger no-confidence vote at the end of spring session of Parliament and have another federal election in summer 2009 with Obama as US President and US Democratic spin masters working full time on Canadian Elections.

    Harper pre-emptied them again by causing current crisis while George W. Bush is still in the Oval Office. That was a last minute call as President Elect Barrack Obama and US Democrats are unable to assist three stooges to establish their legitimacy before Obama moves into the White House.

    Now Three Stooges and their US backers want to force gullible Canadian public to accept “the urgent need” for another "corrective" federal elections in Canada.

  3. PoliCana,

    I don’t anything “wrong with issues like the class struggle and the labour movement.” They are fine as far as they go.

    What I object to is putting such doctrines and the international movements that back them ahead of the interests and welfare of my country, Canada.

    I believe in Canada first, last and always.

  4. Progressive parties do not have a hidden agenda--the coalition is an implementation of the agenda that people voted for.

  5. Policana:

    What is the 'class struggle'? If I as an independent business owner is in the 'middle class' and 'struggle' to keep my family there through punitive taxation, am I part of the 'class struggle'?

    What is the 'labour movement'? If I as an independent business owner labour at far more hours in my job at far less security than unionized 9-5'ers, am I part of the 'labour movement'?

    What is the 'welfare state'? Who pays for a 'welfare state'? I do, and I perceive that a secular-separatist-socialist siphon-state apparatus might just make it more difficult to contribute to maintaining the welfare state.

    If you on the left are delighted with this treacly triumvirate, then by all means go to the polls as such, and let us tax-paying, God-fearing wealth-creators have our say in the matter as well.

  6. Daniel,

    If it is true that Progressive parties do not have a hidden agenda, why din not Layton divulge to the Canadian people that he had a pact with the separatists?

    “The first part [pact with the Bloc] was done a long time ago. I won’t go into details,” Layton said.
    I don't understand you comment: Are you being deliberately provocative or ironic or simply naïve?

  7. The hidden agenda is not really hidden at all. I watched the debates. This shaky coalition is united only in their disdain of the energy sector in the west. By signing a "contract" that effectively neuters the representation of 10 million people west of ontario, not even liberal and ndp members from the west could stop a raid into their own backyard, could they?

  8. Your a laugh riot and obviously haven't spoken to a group of NDP folk in a long time (if ever). I have been involved in the party for 20 years on and off and your notions of the values, and attitudes are nothing more than tory talking points and simply false. Yes the NDP believes workers have rights and should be able to organize and yes we believe that Milton Friedman style approach to the economy is wrong, but your characterization of a party made up of doctrinaire internationalists that have no sense of honour, duty and patriotism is so off the mark that it is laughable.

  9. Cicely,

    If Layton had any of the "honour, duty and patriotism" you write about, how then do you account for a secret pact he made some time ago (his words) with the Bloc, a party whose stated purpose is the break up of Canada.

    You give me "words," I point to shameful "actions." Which speaks louder?

  10. All the federalist parties have to deal with the Bloc in a minority govt. including the Tories who signed a letter of intent to work with Bloc in 2004, and who have been happy to have Bloc votes for their budgets.

    This is all the bloc have been asked to do and agreed to do now. They will support budgets and won't introduce non-confidence motions.

    It is absolute spin to say that the Tories have not worked with the Bloc and have not reached out to soft nationalists using language that is essentially coded to appeal to their nationalist sentiments. Harper has done it repeatedly. He only ever does it when speaking French, so he is not only pandering but dishonest.

  11. Cicely,

    Attack my argument, if you will, but don’t add words I never used. I’ve not claimed “that the Tories have not worked with the Bloc.” But the Tories never put themselves in the position where they were totally reliant on the Bloc for their existence.