Saturday, December 13, 2008

Why not a home-grown leader

Why with all the talent the Grits claim they have couldn’t they find a home-grown leader instead of one who spent hardly any of his adult years in our country? Michael Ignatieff would have been better suited to run for high office in the United Kingdom rather than in Canada.

Liberal Party bosses, faced with a party virtually bereft of talent, found themselves with a single home-grown Grit to offer party members as a choice for leader—that was the mainly unknown MP Dominic LeBlanc. Toronto MPs Bob Rae and Michel Ignatieff were both imports in one sense or other—Rae from the NDP and Ignatieff from the United Kingdom and more recently the United States.

The self-styled natural governing party was unable to find a suitable leader groomed from within its own party’s ranks. Yet year in and year out they try to convince Canadians they have the talent to run the country.

What a pathetic lot they are.smleaf

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  1. Well, I suppose we'll just have to document Iggy's employment history before the next election. Funny thing is... most Lieberals claim to hate Americans, yet they put Iggy in as leader. Doh!