Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Who’ll be minding the store?

I expect that the three Liberal leadership hopefuls—Michael Ignatieff, Bob Rae and Dominic LeBlanc—will be given senior cabinet portfolios in a coalition government. If I’m correct then, again, Canada will be the loser.

The cabinet is expected to have 24 seats, of which, at least, three will belong to ministers focusing on their party’s leadership race.

Canadian Flag

Here Canada stands facing the most severe economic crisis in decades, and three of the most senior cabinet ministers will have their attention focused elsewhere.

Oh well, that’s good news for the dimwitted Stéphane Dion and the separatist-supporting Jack Layton, they’ll be able to have their way in all the critical debates around the cabinet table.

Oh, Canada, we pray for you.


  1. The store will be empty by the time these guys are done dolling out the pork.
    6 senate seats for the separatist party
    A senate seat for the Green party
    A billion bucks in extra transfer payments to Quebec and that only what we heard about in a day and a half

  2. When Ralph Klein announced his resignation as premier of Alberta & leader of the party, he insisted that all party leadership candidates should resign their seats in cabinet as he did not want his cabinet to be distracted by leadership issues. That was the ethical thing to do.

    Will this apply with the Liberal leadership hopefuls? If they are so concerned about the economy then they need cabinet ministers who focus in on their jobs and not be distracted by a leadership race.

    Somehow I don't think ethics comes into play with the liberals.

    Gerry from Toronto

  3. Maybe Jack can call back "Light-Fingers" Svend Robinson to be the Justice Minister since he had first hand experience as a felon that avoided jail-Time , then Libby Davies can be the Health Minister to tell all or us about the dangers of Obesity from Trans-fats in take-out foods , Bill Siksay can be the Foreign Affairs Minister and go meet with the Taliban or the leaders in Iran to educate them on gay-Rights and having Pride Parades .