Wednesday, December 3, 2008

What happened to equal time?

The prime minister, Stephen Harper, is expected to address Canadians tonight and it is usual for the opposition to receive equal time. But now tricky Jack Layton wants to end that practice; he wants his side—Liberal/NDP/Bloc coalition/alliance—to have double the time the government gets.

Jack doesn’t seem to get it. He has traded his party’s independence for seats at the Liberal table. There is no longer any such thing as an independent New Democrat voice, it’s as simple as that. Stéphane Dion now is the de facto spokesperson for the NDP, not Jack.

From now on, we have a de facto two-party parliament plus a couple of independent members.

Jack’s just embarrassing himself. Hopefully a helpful New Democrat will be kind and take the fellow aside and explain the ramifications of what he has done.

Jack just does not get it. smleaf


  1. Jack never has got it and I doubt he ever will.

  2. Jack as a politician definitely has his short comings, but I would think that Harper has a bigger problem to overcome .. This is a opportune time to see what a non partisan political party would produce ..Its not like we have to endure a government for 4 years like Harper has put into law ...Ha some law A ...Katou

  3. Non partisan, Katou, really? A left of centre coalition/alliance, with some pretty extreme left-wing views (Bloc and NDP) to boot, can hardly be seen as non partisan.

    A case in point is Jack's insistence to have his party represented tonight—obviously, Jack does not see a Dion-led coalition as non partisan.


  4. Suck it up Jack! Your second fiddle and not the leader. You gave that to Dion and tied Dion to the puppet strings held by Duceppe. Get used to it!

  5. How in the h is this coalition going to govern Canada if they are fighting over who gets to speak for the coalition.

    Jack, listen up.
    You picked Dion as YOUR Prime Minister.
    Dion now speaks for YOU.

  6. "Hit the road Jack" love that song.You are now "just another spear carrier" Steffi will speak for you, get a translator, and listen to your "dear leader" Bwwaaaa
    Cheers Bubba