Monday, December 1, 2008

We’ll face the music on Monday

Word from Mike Duffy (CTV Newsnet) senior cabinet sources say the government will face a vote next week and live or die by the results.

Options seem very limited. Hopes are fading fast.smleaf


  1. Harper has to stack the Senate with Conservatives now, before it's too late.

  2. Yes he does…lots of vacancies to fill.

  3. You can be sure, Dion will fill those vacancies within a month of seizing power.

  4. This pretty much guarantees that Bob Rae will win the Liberal leadership.
    Bypass that Ontario voter rath, get installed as PM in the coalition governmen,
    next election, Bob Rae is the encumbant PM.

  5. In 1965 John Deifenbaker knocked a Liberal majority government down to minority status. As far as the eastern Canadian interests were concerned, Deifenbaker had been around too long so a cabal led by Dalton Camp knifed him in the back and the Tories disappeared from the scene for many years.
    Joe Clark, after less than 6 monthe in office, was defeated when a Liberal, who had agreed to a twinning protocol, decided to renegg on the deal.
    Stephen Harper, who increased the Tories' representation in the House, will see his government defeated by Layton, Dion, and Duceppe, all Quebec natives.
    The only Conservative to serve two full terms in the modern area was from Quebec.
    The message is clear: If anyone from western Canada gets too big for his britches and fails to offer up the correct level of obedience to eastern interest he/she will be punished.
    I, for one, know where I'm not welcome. it's time to leave!

  6. Comments: do the morons that think getting into a pissing match with NFLD was worth it now? Comment: all the conservatives going on about the bloc not having a right to call the shots is moronic considering our past deals with the bloc. The job the conservatives have now is to go to the public and tell them why they did what they did, and then offer the budget if it avoids an election or a big change in government that is not needed. Also, Dion as PM will not quit for a leadership race so Mikey has to watch out. Lastly, Duceppe has to wonder about making a deal with Liberals desparate to rebuild in Quebec? (real conservative)

  7. Yes, that would be a wonderful legacy by Harper - the final betrayal of his principles with a last minute stacking of the Senate with his cronies.