Thursday, December 11, 2008

They did it for Canada

Among the many canards circulating in the past several days is the assertion by Mr. Ignatieff that Messrs Rae and LeBlanc withdrew from the Liberal Party leadership race for the “good of Canada.” What an incredible conceit! Mr. Ignatieff seems to believe in another old canard which goes something like this: whatever is good for the Liberal Party is automatically good for Canada. What a load of bull.

This party has offered us the cantankerous, mean-spirited Paul Martin followed by the bumbling Stéphane Dion—both of whom were rejected by the Canadian people at the polls. Now their backroom boys have cooked up a deal that will see Michael Ignatieff as leader until May, when he will be automatically confirmed. None of this has been done for any other reason than to increase the Liberals chances of gaining power without returning to the polls.

For the good of Canada, apparently the best they can now offer us is a 60-plus-year-old intellectual who lived abroad for nearly 30 years, returning “home” as recently as 2005. But what they did not offer their own members was any semblance of choice. No choice of young or old, male or female, centre-left or centre-right—nothing. No leadership campaign, not a single leaders’ debate, nothing. Just a quick deal cooked up in the backroom of the Liberal Party.


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  1. hey I don't see any situation in which Mr. Rae resigns not being good for Canada...he was gung ho on the coalition, gung ho on bringing the labour unions en masse into the membership of the liberal party in order to win..& gung ho in uniting the left permanently (bringing the ndp & the liberals together as one party). him resigning is great for we at least have 2 rational alternatives.