Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Stéphane has nothing to lose

The Liberal leader Stéphane Dion has everything to gain and nothing to lose. Grass-root members of the Grits, should be worried about that. When a leader has nothing to lose from his decisions and policies, can he share the vision and values of those who follow him?

Stéphane’s political reputation has already been left in tatters by his almost childlike conduct as leader of the opposition during the last parliament, his inept showing in the past election and his subsequent rejection as leader by his party.

And the few fragments of reputation he did retain had their roots in his claim to being a fighter for federalism. Now, sadly, he has squandered those remnants in his desperate quest for the office of prime minister.

And what of the Liberal rank and file? They find themselves in a forced coalition with socialists they have have battled for decades.

And how did they get there? Jack Layton, who has boasted to his caucus that he already had a pact with the separatists, bought his way into the next Liberal cabinet with this shameful alliance with a party formed to dismantle our Canadian federation.

Stéphane wouldn’t shrink from such a deal, of course, because he directly supported the Quebec separatists in the mid-1970s. Naturally, it’s no stretch for him to accept Gilles Duceppe as kingmaker.

But the Liberal grass roots and rank and file have fought the same separatists tooth and nail for decades, only now to see their past victories reversed. Sadly, shamefully, the Bloc has now been allowed a seat at their table.

And if the coalition gains office, Stéphane wins for he gets the big prize: prime minister. The rest of the Liberals, with the smell of separatism and sedition clinging to them, will be left to pick up the pieces.smleaf


  1. victory at all costs is not a victory. Everyone loses, especislly the victor. Mr Dion will be remembered now as selling out to get power.

  2. I think you meant 'lose' . . . not loose.

  3. Canada meet Steffi Dion the "mad bomber" of Canadian politics it will be a very long time before the Liberals loose the stench of the bloc I don't care how the MSM try to "nuance" Duceppes involvement in the NDP-BLOC-LIBERANO as for the NDP Jack wasen't going anywhere but out the door, with his new "pal" Steffi. I prefer to think of that mess as "bought and paid for with my tax dollars" party. Harper speaks tonight on t v do the gang of three get "equal time" I mean they are a Coalition now who speaks?
    Cheers Bubba

  4. Oops! Right on, Anon. Thanks—a senior moment:-)