Wednesday, December 3, 2008

So what happens when there is another federal election?

What will happen to the New Democrats in the next federal election? Will they run a joint campaign with the Liberals—each party running candidates in ridings where they are strongest? Or will there be a formal merger between the socialists and the socialist-lite Liberals?

quote-left-red-grey-bg... If you [Stéphane Dion] can’t do your job as leader of the Opposition, I don’t know what you’re doing running for prime minister.quote-right-red-grey-bg

– Jack Layton

New Democrat leader Jack Layton has effectively traded his party’s independence for seats at the Stéphane Dion Liberal cabinet table. Can Jack ever again run an independent campaign telling Canadians to vote for him and his party, when that will obviously split the “left,” making a return to power for the Liberals that much more difficult?

Of course, Jack is the master of double-talk. He loves having his cake and eating it too. By the next election we’ll probably hear how Jack was the “real” prime minister propping up the Liberals.

Good luck on that, Jack.smleaf


  1. Any NDP or Lib MP in Western Canada that does not vote against this coalition is OUT.
    Rally for Canada is in front of the lone nonConservative MP's office,
    Thusday and Saturday, 12 pm (97th St & 81 Ave)

    Linda Duncan NDP, will hear loud and clear what Albertans think about ANY MP that votes for the destruction of Alberta and Canada.

  2. The next federal election should be early in the new year and it should be between 2 parties, the Conservatives and the U.S.S.R (United Separatist Socialist Regime).