Thursday, December 11, 2008

Senate reform will have to wait

The well known need for Senate reform will have to wait until the Tories have a majority government. In the meantime, Prime Minister Stephen Harper will have to appoint as many Conservatives as he can to fill the 18 vacancies so that the upper house can function properly. And the sooner he does this the better.

Adding to the urgency to fill the unusually high number of vacancies is the need to block the threat of the Liberal-NDP coalition appointing the likes of Green Party leader Elizabeth May and Bloc Québécois Leader Gilles Duceppe to that place.

As much as this would go against the grain for most Conservatives who are dedicated to the cause of Senate reform, it’s the lesser of two evils—the greater being an unelected socialist-dominated coalition government stacking the Senate vacancies with those who wish to perpetuate the Senate status quo.

Better to have PM Harper appoint a slate of senators who promise to step down if and when Canada moves to an election process with meaningful limits to senators’ terms in office.

By the way, prime minister, I stand ready to serve:-)smleaf


  1. Any promis for these Cons to step down is worthless. Micheal Fortier ran and lost in the last election and he still sits in the Senate.

    This is classic do what I say, not what I do from Harper yet again.

  2. Never, ever should the Canadian people allow such a blatant and underhanded procedure of appointing senators as what the Liberal's have done. It's an old boys Liberal club. It is imperative for Harper to appoint as many members (CPC in the senate) as possible before any Liberal government ever takes control again and floods the senate with left leaning wing-nuts. Harper needa a majority to change this old boys welfare domain.

  3. This may be better than allowing Michael Ignatieff and Jack Layton to potentially stack the Senate, but we also have to admit that Stephen Harper has failed to deliver on Senate Reform.

  4. There is a bill sitting in the Senate for years, that they have shelved forever rather than vote. It deals with Senate reform. And I think Fourtier is out of the Senate since his defeat. He could be appointed again.
    With the mess in the auto industry, wouldn't that 50 billion stolen by the liberals be great for all those laid off workers.