Friday, December 5, 2008

The Rae doctrine

Canadians living in Ontario must be so pleased to hear that Toronto MP Bob Rae is setting off across the country to lecture us about what he can do for our economy. This is an older version of the same socialist who told us he had the all the answers when the Ontario economy started to falter nearly 20 years ago. Remember how well that turned out.

Rae promised to spend Ontario out of its recession. How could we forget? His first budget increased social spending apparently to mitigate the economic slowdown and projected a record deficit of $9.1 billion. Sound familiar? He took office in 1990, and by the end of his only term, the province’s finances were in tatters and Ontario voters had had enough of him.

Now he’s back, this time as a Grit. He says he has learned from the mistakes he made in Ontario, but has he? How do we know? What economy has he run since screwing up Ontario’s? None. We only have his word that he’s changed, and we know how much his word is worth.

Rae’s New Democratic Party campaigned on a promise to introduce public auto insurance in the 1987 and 1990 campaigns, but broke their promise in 1991 after forming the government.

In 1990, Bob Rae campaigned to eliminate food banks through anti-poverty measures. But once in office, he committed a significant sum of money to support Ontario’s existing food banks. Far from being eliminated, food banks have became ingrained in Ontario life.

No, Rae’s word is not to be taken seriously.

And ever wonder why we in Ontario suffer to this day from such a shortage of MDs? Well, look no further than Bob Rae. In 1992, as NDP premier, Rae imposed a cap on medical student enrollment. Fortunately, his misguided policy was reversed eight years later by Tory Health Minister Elizabeth Witmer; however, we are still playing catch-up because of those eight lost years.

Frankly, I don’t think this dyed-in-the-wool socialist, Bob Rae has changed one bit. I believe he wanted back into politics, but the old man had burned too many bridges with the big Ontario unions that are the backbone of the NDP. So he joined the Grits—they’ll take anyone.

But do you believe that rank-and-file Grits really have accepted this old socialist warrior? Only if you believe his hype and spin. Some 80 per cent of delegates at the last Liberal leadership convention rejected Rae on the first ballot. And even after three ballots he only managed to garner about 28 percent.

A significant portion of the Liberal party membership is, of course, made up of socialists who find Jack Layton’s hubris too much to stomach. These folks are quite happy to support a socialist like Rae.

And, by the way, Rae was co-chairman of the Liberals’ platform development committee, along with Tory turncoat Scott Brison. Yes, that worked out really well, didn’t it? Rae helped the Grits to one of their worst electoral defeats in their history. Yet he now aspires to be our prime minister.

God help us all.smleaf


  1. I suspect that Rae was an NDP plant in the Liberal Party all along. He wants to drag the party to the left (even further!) so it can merge with the NDP with him in the driver's seat. A very dangerous individual and not to be trusted on anything financial or political - a Trojan Horse?

  2. If your little corner of Ontario is anything like mine, finding anyone who has a good thing to say about Bob Rae is akin to Demosthenes efforts. The closer he gets to the PMO the more people panic, and the polls reflect it.