Friday, December 12, 2008

Now we have the great UI boondoggle

Apparently past Liberal governments have collected over $50 billion in UI premiums illegally. Why am I not surprised? Those of us who have lived through Adscam, gun registry and other Liberal governments’ scandals and misdeeds take such news in stride.

It is a bit rich, though, for self-righteous puffed-up ex-Liberal cabinet ministers like Ralph Goodale and John McCallum to crow to us about all those wonderful Liberal budget surpluses and contingency funds, when it turns out they were created from illegally collected taxes.

It is also a bitter pill that a Conservative government has once again to clean up the financial mess left behind by the Grits. The Supreme Court has given Stephen Harper 12 months to fix this.

What a mess!smleaf


  1. QP, when it resumes, should be interesting to see Cons response when Libs attack PMSH for 'wasting Liberal surplus thru mismanagement'

  2. It is an easy fix.The Conservative government simply introduce a bill that requires the next liberal Government to repay the 50 billion within 12 months of their coming to office.

  3. And all of it gets swept under the latest horrifying thing Stephen Harper is to do - appoint 18 people to the senate.

    That is the crime. We need to keep on this because it will become just one in a loooong line of Liberal boondoggles.

  4. and just wait and see... it's all going to be Harpers fault in the MSM if he doesn't clean it up properly of course...


  5. Well, to be technical, it was apparently not the collection of the funds, but their use as general revenue without Parliamentary approval that was illegal.

    Still, gotta love those Liberals and their commitment to democracy.