Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My God, it’s even worse that I’d thought

The news just keeps getting worse. CTV.ca News is reporting that Green Party Leader Elizabeth May has confirmed (as we all suspected) that she’s had discussions with PM-in-waiting Stéphane Dion about playing a role in a potential coalition government.

“We're supporting this not to gain influence,” May reportedly said at a press conference in Ottawa.

Yes, right, and pigs can fly. Really, they can.

So off she’ll fly to Ottawa, another unelected-something-or-other to join an unelected government propped up by a party that wants to destroy Canada, and led by a dimwitted professor who has been previously resoundingly rejected as leader of his own party. Pathetic!

quote-left-red-grey-bgI would be the only senator that received a million votes.quote-right-red-grey-bg
– Elizabeth May [source]

Elizabeth May has personally been defeated at the polls three times in three different ridings. In 2008, her best showing, she only received 12,620 votes, despite there being no Liberal candidate. In other words, even with the combined force of the Liberals and the Greens behind her, she lost by a wide margin. Her claim that she got one million votes is false.

Moreover, her entire party has been so rejected by Canadian voters, that it has never elected a single member to parliament in more than a quarter century. Even the one sitting MP, Blair Wilson, who joined the Greens was defeated in the last election—by a Conservative. Wilson received a paltry 14.4 per cent of the votes cast when he ran as a Green.

Ain’t democracy grand?smleaf


  1. "I would be the only senator that received a million votes."
    – Elizabeth May

    Wow, does May have a big ego or what. Actually, her party received a million votes. She only received 12,000. I guess that means Dion received 4 million votes, lol.

  2. Get ready for Senator Elizabeth May... Harper, STACK THE SENATE NOW!!!

  3. With Stephane Dion lying about his intentions in building this Coalition, it seems only natural that he should involve someone who has proven to be as dishonest as Elizabeth May.

    I only wish I could be shocked.