Monday, December 22, 2008

McGuinty’s Christmas present to his buddies

The Two Bald Men (Michael Coren and Stephen LeDrew) radio program on Toronto’s CFRB this afternoon mentioned that Dalton McGuinty’s government has just McGuintysnuck a price increase through ($2 a case, I think) on the cheaper beers sold in the province.

Apparently, when Liberal government officials were asked about the increase, they claimed it had to do with the Cabinet wanting to promote socially responsible drinking. What tripe!

According to Dean Beeby of The Canadian Press, documents obtained under Ontario’s freedom-of-information law show that the Ministry of Finance, not the LCBO, pressed for higher beer prices—raising serious questions about the arm’s-length relationship between the two bodies.

quote-left-red-grey-bgThe Ministry of Finance recommends an increase to the minimum retail price for beer effective November 24, 2008.quote-right-red-grey-bg

– a memo distributed to LCBO board members for their Oct. 15 meeting in Toronto.

That gang of bandits at Queen’s Park should be the last politicians in the country to try to teach us anything of a moral nature. Two elections ago, those scoundrels broke the world record for telling lies in an election campaign. Now they have moral lessens to teach us? What cheek!

The best these do-nothings have accomplished in one and a quarter terms in office is to ban pit bull dogs and to blame Ottawa for everything they can think of.

This price increase has everything to do with rewarding Liberal government friends at the major beer companies who want the price difference minimized between their expensive swill and the more honestly priced $1-a-bottle brands.

When is the average Joe ever going to get a break in this province?

This is dirty old fashion politics at its ugliest. smleaf


  1. This is completely ridiculous.

    At a time of recession, raising minimum beer prices is like shooting a dead dog.

    Plus, it took them this long to think of the "impact" of cheap beer on citizens of Ontario?


  2. It is a tax grab by your government, period!
    My oldest Brother, is somewhat of a wine connoisseur and has a connection in Calgary that ships him his international wines.
    He cannot find anything comparable in price, selection and especially quality, in the TO area.

    If the Liberal govt opened it up to free market, they would maintain the same tax base or increase it,and get off the expense of the operation. Crazy thought process those lefties. Cheers and Merry Christmas!

  3. Wait a minute, didn't Dalton McFibber bring in the Health care tax right before he gave close to $500'000'000.00 dollars to FORD and GM during that last Bail-Out ?

    Now McFibber tries to play Santa Claus in public to the CAW while all along he knew he was about to screw the Poor-mans Champaign by a hidden tax increase to Beer.
    Poor CAW members, they get a hand-out to keep them employed but next summer at the cottage they'll pay more for their beer .

    Seems to me to be just another CUPE scam to hire more Paper-Pushers that eat-up about .37 Cents of every tax dollar just to collect 1.00 dollar , this leaves .63 cents of it to be further raped by layers upon layers of paper-pushers to help spend the money on useless programs that only help the Politicians get re-elected.

    Are these the same yahoos that want to put Booze on their Expense Accounts with the Ontario taxpayers credit cards?
    If Social responsibility is the basis for the beer increase, then lets cut back on the freebees to the MPP's to increase their costs from their salaries as part of spending responsibly .

  4. I'm an ex-Montrealer living in Niagara Falls and I really resent having to travel across a good chunk of the city in order to buy either beer or wine. Nevertheless, I made the journey again yesterday and was somewhat surprised to find that my favourite beer had gone up a couple of bucks in fairly short order.
    Nothing about it on the news recently so I assumed that it was the brewers who had finally given in and raised the prices due to inflation.
    In all honesty, I didn't buy the beer as another brand that I prefer hadn't risen in price and I wasn't too pleased about the lack of a price increase notification on the part of the brewers.
    And then I got home and read that the price increase was actually a tax grab by the Ontario government and that caused me to hit the friggin' roof.
    In Montreal I can walk to the corner store to buy beer (or wine) that is reasonably priced but in Niagara Falls, Ontario I have to drive to one of only three Beer Stores in a city of 80,000 and on top of that I'm forced to pay more than my fair share of taxes because I support an industry that employs many thousands in this province and then the government feels that as a result of my "addiction" it has the moral authority to pick my pocket at will.
    (Deep breath)
    It's just not right and I'll remember come election time.
    Do you hear that Kim Craitor!
    (e-mailed to Kim Craitor. MPP for Niagara Falls)

  5. Looks like it is time for the poor people who drink beer to form their own protest on Facebook. That is the only thing that idiot McGuinty understands.

  6. McAsswipe could have screwed up here. This tax grab is likely to register more with the morons of TO than the increase in healthcare did.