Tuesday, December 23, 2008

May vents

Still stinging from loosing her chance at a Senate seat promised by the Liberal-NDP coalition, Green Party Leader Elizabeth May mayvents  her bitterness by attacking Canadian Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame inductee and recently appointed Senator, Mike Duffy.

Most will remember how, throughout her last federal election campaign, Ms. May frequently blamed the press for misquoting her. Recently she has been quoted by Maclean’s Magazine as saying:

quote-left-red-beige-bgThe media tends to spin and distort what I said.quote-right-red-beige-bg

Boo hoo, how pathetic.

Among a lot of other things, May should learn that it is not enough to want to spite PM Stephen Harper; to be an effective political leader, May needs to have something of substance to offer Canada.

Sounds to me like Elizabeth May has a serious persecution complex, which might explain a lot about the ineffective performance of the Green Party during their last federal election campaign.smleaf


  1. May is just another bitter old leftie who can't figure out why the world and all its people don't "get her" and thank her for saving us form us.

    Pathetic actually, the shrillness, the bleating about the press, the hysterical "climate crisis, climate crisis, climate crisis mantra, the puddle thin political instincts.

    Biggest loser in 2008.

  2. Oh geez, I thought for a minute there you were advertising a new doll for Christmas called

    "May Vents" similar to that "Chatty Cathy", and "Betsy Wetsy" variety.

    I'm pretty sure that "May Vents" will not be a big seller. Now if you'd said "May Thinks"..well then, you could have signed me up.

  3. Ms. May is just another failed American like Toronto's Mayor Miller that stays up North in canada as a favour to the USA.

    Why do you think Miller sent so much Business to the USA when the TTC needed new Tokens , then Miller gave us those grey bins garbage monsters to appease the Union with less work and fewer pick-ups to boot.
    The media made a fuss over Dion's dual Citizenship with France, but nobody cares about Ms.May's potential for the 3-Amigo's to give her a Senate seat to dictate how we are ruled by blocking things she doesn't agree with.

  4. Liberal media misquotes Lizzy May? Hardly, they were being accurate amazingly enough. In past leftists like her either expected sanitized scripts from the media or a pass on all errors while there was full disclosure for conservatives. If the media ever spun against the left they would wither up and die. (real conservative)