Friday, December 12, 2008

May at United Nations Climate Change Conference

Green Party leader Elizabeth May is attending the United Nations Climate Change Conference at Poznan, Poland. She is among the many international delegates who are at the meeting in preparation for a conference next year in may Denmark where major climate change deals are expected to be signed.

Since arriving at Poznan, Ms May has been telling all who will listen how Canada’s government is “regressive” and “destructive.”

Why would a private citizen be allowed to attend an important meeting of the United Nations? Surely the United Nations is intended to be a forum for official representatives of member states. So I wonder how she qualifies to speak for Canada.

Ms May, of course, categorizes herself as leader of a federal political party, but so what? Her’s is not an officially recognized party in our House of Commons. In fact, neither her or any other member of her party has ever been elected to the House while representing her party. (The Greens did have one sitting member who joined them after being cast out of the Liberal Party caucus.)

For almost three decades, the broad cross section of the Canadian public has rejected Green Party policies and political candidates. Their rejection has been so overwhelming that—during the last federal election—even Ms May was praising opposition Liberal Stéphane Dion and seemed to be suggesting that Greens should vote Liberal.

She speaks perhaps for the 12,620 Canadians who voted for her in her Central Nova riding, but that’s it. What is so special about these Canadians that gets them a representative at a UN conference?smleaf


  1. Elizabeth May joins the ranks of people like David Suzuki and Louise Arbour who firmly believe that the western democracies are responsible for all the ills affecting the third world countries. It is not the tyrannical leaders in these nations, nor the corrupt officials, nor the greedy manufacturers who keep their employees working in vitual enslavement. No, it is the U.S., Canada, Australia, the E.U., etc. that must be punished for their policies that have raised their own citizens to unparalled heights of prosperity. These social engineers despise anything that smacks of the western democracies and won't be satisfied until these democracies are dragged down to the level of the third world.

  2. I wonder who is paying for her to be there. If it is the Green party then we all are - based on the current rate of $1.75 per vote obtained - which is just another irritation about public funding of not just federal but also separatist political parties as well.