Monday, December 8, 2008

LeBlanc out?

The Web site reports that New Brunswick MP Dominic LeBlanc is expected to announce today that he will drop out of the Liberal leadership race. Should this happen, LeBlanc is expected to support Michael Ignatieff, who apparently has the largest support within the Liberal caucus.

LeblancIf LeBlanc does withdraw, Ignatieff and Bob Rae would be the only contenders left in the race, ensuring a single-ballot win. Such a situation would be desirable if as reported the Grits are considering an on-line vote of some sort.

Leadership candidates are said to be against the option of appointing an interim leader between Dion’s possible early resignation and the May 2009 leadership convention in Vancouver. Instead, they apparently favour a permanent leader who could head the Liberal-NDP coalition or lead the Liberals into an election campaign, should the Conservative government be defeated in late-January.smleaf

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  1. So what happens to the leadership convention of the Liberal party in May 2009? Those Vancouver/BC folks are not going to be very happy. Talk about annoying western Canada - again. And where is the fearless, suppliant Bob Rae - oh yes off on a "book tour" selling the desperate "Coalition or Bust Volume I". But wait, BREAKING NEWS, Michael Ignatief will be on the tour with Volume II after December 12th. If you can't wait, these bestsellers are available at your local book store under Canadian humor and black comedy.