Friday, December 5, 2008

It’s not the economy, stupid, it’s all about Harper

The Liberal/socialists/separatists alliance has failed in its first attempt to circumvent the results of the October election and wrest power from Prime Minister Stephen Harper. During these past Ottawafew weeks we have been told repeatedly by coalition/alliance supporters that it is all about the  economy and the prime minister’s lack of action thereon.

As time passed, however, we’ve heard that the deal was made long before the Conservatives economic update—Jack Layton boasted as much to his caucus. And anyone watching Stéphane Dion during the last election or more recently during Question Period understands the depth of hatred he has for the prime minister.

Dion does not hate Tory policies or practices as much he despises the Tory’s leader, Stephen Harper. This is apparent when you see him virtually foaming at the mouth in parliament when asking the PM a question or reacting to the PM’s answers. He flaps his arms in fury, totally unable to control himself as he screams insults at PM Harper.

But Mr. Dion has proven himself so completely inept as a leader, about two thirds of Canadians just can’t buy the fact that he may become our next PM.

So now we begin to see more of the truth emerge.

This morning The Globe and Mail reported that former socialist premier of Ontario, Bob Rae, is “taking over as chief salesman and maneuvering around Stéphane Dion, whose leadership is becoming increasingly irrelevant,” and “is preparing a coast-to-coast campaign to sell Canadians on the concept of a coalition government.”

Even “monumental change” on Harper’s part not acceptable to Bob Rae, the de facto leader of Grit/socialist/separatist coalition. He wants Harper’s scalp.

Not a single word out of Mr. Rae about attempting to negotiate with Harper, of course. Nope, everything is the PM’s fault.

When Mr. Dion appeared to be open to negotiation if there were a “monumental change” on the part of the prime minister, Mr. Rae reportedly told Mr. Dion that even “monumental change” was not acceptable.

So there we have it.

This whole ruckus on Parliament Hill is about the opposition wanting Stephen Harper’s scalp on a stick—and be damned with what Canadians want.

Now Bob Rae sees his chance to step into the leadership void left by the ineffectual Stéphane Dion, and become the de facto leader of, at least, the hardline elements of the coalition.

The next 50 days or so should be interesting.



  1. Good post ! Russ when Scott Reid wants to "kill our P M DEAD!!" one does not need to hope for a more civil discussion, these "nuckle draggers" need a time out, we the people need an election, a axis of weasels will not serve our needs or keep our country healthy. From the polls we learn that the majority of Canadians agree on that,Bob Rae can "slick" that up all he wants I am not going to buy it and I don't think the average Canadian will either.
    Cheers Bubba

  2. So much for "cooperation" huh! I wonder how they will spin this as Harper not cooperating with the cabal.

  3. Well I guess Bob Rae realizes he doesn't have a hope in hell of ever being elected as Prime Minister, so he might as well try to get in the back door.

  4. If Mr.Rae is going to travel the 'west' I suggest he better bring a platoon of bodyguards with him. By the way where in hell is Ignatieff ?? Has he been told to stay clear of this 'unholy alliance' ??? Some answere please.

  5. Harper's getting a big International award in New York and not a mention of it anywhere, not on CTV, the Globe. Nope I guess none of them care. Maybe the news will get on this afternoon.

  6. Absolute terror disguised as rage. It warms the cockles of my heart. Rae has lost it but it does speak volumes of how they are incapable of self-reflection and sober thought. It's all Harper's fault because to say otherwise would expose them to how dismally irrelevant they've become. Their rage is simply the response you would get from a cornered animal who realizes it's all but over. Their abundant lies and fabrications have become so pathetic that you have to wonder how they can be so clueless.

  7. ... it is the "Harper Derangement Syndrome"

  8. Anon,

    Ignatieff's keeping a low profile on this one. He's smart enough to know that Canadians have long memories and this play for power will have a price at the polls whenever the next election is held.

  9. I think Ignatieff's keeping a low profile just makes him look weasly, opportunistic, and cowardly.

    If he did not like what was happening he should have come out and said something.

    They are all alike, those Liberals: no ethics, no dignity no integrity. They are just looking out for 'number one' and do not even bother to conceal a complete contempt for the voters.

    Anyone who is suckered into voting Liberal, or NDP after this, is to be pitied, no matter which of that despicable crowd is to be the leader.

    The Liberals, if there is any hope at all for that soiled party, needs to be in opposition for a very long time, and maybe even consider standing for something other than greed for themselves. The NDP used to have principles and dignity, now it is a joke.

  10. Now here's my slant on things.

    I am a conservative supporter, through and through. I will vote for them anytime in the Okanogan. However,someone needs to speak quietly to Mr. Harper and mention that he should be less aggressive against the Lousy Libs and the Nerdy Dippers.

    I believe in getting more with honey than vinegar.

    Please Mr. Harper. Go a little softer on them to win them over to your thinking.