Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Hypocrisy in all the wrong places

Few things get the MSM more riled up than Senate appointments. They seem to bring out excessive self-righteousness in even the most fair-minded journalists andOttawa columnists. I often wonder, though, where these same voices are when Senate Reform is being blocked by the Liberal Party.

Liberal prime ministers for decades have appointed everyone from professional hockey players to party bagmen, and all we hear from the MSM is how shameful patronage is. But how many of these have launched personal crusades to promote reform of the institution that is the root cause of the problem.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has tried to implement reforms that would have senators elected to an eight-year term. But how much support does he receive from the fifth estate? Not very much.

I think the MSM really likes the Senate just the way it is for it gives them opportunities to puff themselves up to the peak of their moral superiority. And that seems to sell newspapers and attract TV viewers.

As PM Stephen Harper said when he announced the latest appointments:

quote-left-red-beige-bgIf the opposition parties do not approve of these Senate appointments they should stop obstructing our attempts to introduce meaningful Senate reform. For our part, we will continue working with the provinces and reform-minded parliamentarians to build a more accountable and democratic Senate.quote-right-red-beige-bg

I think the MSM should also take a good look at themselves in the mirror—many will see a hypocrite staring back at them.smleaf


  1. Liberals losing 'control' of the Senate does not please the Eastern media.

  2. Let's write the media - I sure wrote about Robert Fife and his blatant liberal bias reporting. It was fine for Elizabeth May to arrive on Parliament Hill bragging about her senate appointment before the ink was dry, when the liberals/NDP and Bloc was going to take over Government... Bob Fife reported Elizabeth May would be the new Environment Minister - happy, as could be over that - because that would be liberals being appointed.... That would be okay... 6 Bloc appointments were going to be made for their vote - and agreeing to no seats in Parliament - that was okay - the liberals were doing that and in control - didn't matter the only desire of the Bloc is to break up our Country - Fife didn't care - liberals would be in charge.... - but now - he spews and spews negatively towards the PM - Oliver has lost his bid for a senate seat - surely, that will be one liberal reporter that will soon have to retire and we won't have to listen to his liberal bias - however, Jane is enough to make anyone sick - put her and Fife together and CTV will soon be history.... We all know Oliver was waiting around for a liberal senate appointment - but hopefully that is long gone.....

  3. That is why bloggers have taken over. the MSM have lost their self-respect years ago.
    The one party that has stolen from the nation is yet to be confronted by the MSM and why should they the MSM and the liberals are in the small ball park, "ou scratch my back;I scratch yours.
    Meaning, MSM keep quiet while Liberals steal and a nice present will be awarded to the MSM.

    Pride dignity respect for the canadians is not in the opposition nor MSM vision.

  4. "I think the MSM really likes the Senate just the way it is for it gives them opportunities to puff themselves up to the peak of their moral superiority."

    Plus there is always the hope that they will be among the chosen for the cushy job!

  5. Alberta girl...you are not really from Alberta are you? Or you would know that the Reform and Alliance spent 15 years making headlines about the useless, unelected senators. It's not the MSM but Harper & Co that have dined out at the Sentae's expense. The problem is that Harpoer spent 20 years saying he would not appoint senators. And let's face it Harper has done squat to try to get the senate reformed.

  6. Anony - What the Hell are you talking about?

    Harper has dined at the Senate's expense?????

    Harper has done squat to try and get the senate reformed - really????

    Here's a little reading for you which given the stupidity of your comment; should keep you busy until the budget vote at the end of January.




    Oh - and please find me a link where Harper said he would NEVER appoint senators.

  7. Oh for gawds sake Altagirl don't you know what your own leader stands for? I can understand your confusion with all the flipflopping but if you are unaware that HArepr is against appointed senators then there is no hope for you.