Monday, December 22, 2008

Garth Turner sets new standard for mean mindedness

Former Grit MP Garth Turner has set a new standard for mean mindedness. After being tossed out of the mike3Conservative Party and then rejected by voters when he ran as a Grit, Mr. Turner shows his true colours in a post he made on his blog today wherein he denigrates Mike Duffy’s Senate appointment.

Would that Turner had an ounce of the intelligence, decency and integrity—journalistic and personal—that Mike Duffy has demonstrated in his long career as one of Canada’s premier journalists.

In 1994, Mike Duffy was inducted into the Canadian Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame—how’s Garth’s journalistic career going?

Christian Conservative Blog has the story of Turner’s sour-grapes here.smleaf


  1. Good to see that neither Mansbridge or Newman made the "Hall of fame"

  2. Russ you just fell into the Garth Turner trap, he got you to mention his name and write about him. This what he wants, ignore him and he will slither away into the hole he came from.