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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Garth Turner is at it again

That master of political spin, former Halton MP Garth Turner, in an effort to discredit Prime Minister Stephen Harper, claims the recent Senate and Supreme Court appointments are “borderline illegal” and “illegitimate.” These defamatory comments go well beyond fair comment and are unworthy of a former member of the parliament of Canada.

Turner writes in his blog yesterday,

quote-left-red-beige-bgLet’s remember that Stephen Harper is the prime minister today for only one reason: he shut down Parliament.quote-right-red-beige-bg

This, of course, is nonsense born of the sort of muddled logic we have come to expert of Turner. Stephen Harper is prime minister for one reason only: he is the duly elected leader of the Conservative Party which won the most seats in the October general election. Period.

Then Turner compounds his silly falsehoods by seeming to confuse the terms prorogation and dissolution of parliament. Prorogation is, of course, a period of parliamentary recess, during which the Speaker, the prime minister, ministers and parliamentary secretaries remain in office and, along with all other members of the House of Commons, retain their full rights and privileges.

Since appointments to the Senate and to the Supreme Court are within the “rights and privileges” of the prime minister, how can they be either “borderline illegal” or “illegitimate?”

This is more of the sort of hyperbole and muddled double-talk we heard from Turner during the last election. Turner despises PM Harper because the PM never appointed him, Turner, to Cabinet and later kicked him, Turner, out of the Conservative Caucus. Too bad he, Turner, cannot rise above his pettiness.smleaf

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  1. I'm surprised anyone outside of his riding takes him seriously. I'm sure he feels that his ability to hallucinate beyond the facts, makes him a great politician. Unfortunately, for him, his loose grasp of reality has also got him into legal hot water.

    I just wish that people wouldn't give that blowhard so much airtime.

  2. Why bother posting anything Garth writes anymore? He's irrelevant.

  3. Could not agree more.

    I think the loss of trust within the federal Ontario Conservative caucus, also lead to the final call to boot Turner.

    The government does not stop acting as government after a proroguement.

    The government continues to run the country, even when a parliament is not in session, for goodness sakes.

    The House is no longer in session for the discussion and voting of Bills and Motions, essentially.

    But to think that there is no one at the federal wheel is silly foolishness on his part.

    Turner chooses to play games, as only he can, so blinded by his bitterness.

  4. Let's not forget that Chretien prorogued parliament when the Sponsorship Scandal was getting too hot to handle. Why was it ok then, Garth?