Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Canada sold out by the self-styled party of national unity

The party of Laurier, Pearson, Trudeau, and Chrétien who used to call themselves the party of national unity has sold out to the separatists and is now trying to sell the rest of Canada on the idea.

DION PRIORITIES Who would have thought that the Liberal Party would ever align themselves with the likes of separatists Gilles Duceppe and Jacques Parizeau? Remember how the dimwit professor Stéphane Dion crowed about his role in the passing of the Clarity Act? And what was Dion’s brainchild, the First International Conference on Federalism at Mont Tremblant in October 1999, all about if not to foster international support for the cause of federalism in Canada?

Yet here we are. And apparently this has been quite some time in the making.

I remember that right after the last election when there were public appeals from Liberals that Dion step down as leader, rumours surfaced from Ottawa insiders that Dion was too stubborn to quit, and that he hoped he would somehow become prime minister before the 2009 party convention.

quote-left-red-grey-bg…he [Stéphane Dion] soon evolved into a left-wing separatist, knocking on bourgeois doors on behalf of future PQ cabinet minister Louise Beaudoin in the 1976 election. ‘He thought René Lévesque was a moderate,’ boyhood chum Robert MacKay remembers.quote-right-red-grey-bg

– Macleans [source]

And we have Jack Layton telling his caucus that “nothing could be better for our country” than having the Bloc helping out. And boasting that a pact with the separatists “was done a long time ago.”

Then there’s Dion’s youthful flirtation in the 1970s with the Quebec separatist and the fact that Stéphane Dion is a full-fledged French national. The French government conferred on him a much-coveted honour proclaiming him to be the first among the very best of them all. Stéphane Dion has a doctoral d'état—a state-sanctioned Ph.D.—and a bronze medal from the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique. In France, the most elitiste of societies, docteur d'état is crème de la crème. Stéphane Dion is not just a mere dual citizen, he is an official member of the top-tier club of the contemporary French intellectual elite.

Indeed, the seeds of this shameful act of betrayal were all there for those who looked hard enough. But who looked? Who would believe that men like Michael Ignatieff and Dominic LeBlanc would stand by and let their dimwit leader conspire with the Layton socialists and the Bloc co-conspirators to sell out their country—our country?

And unless the not blameless PM Stephen Harper can find a way out, we will all pay the price for our lack of vigilance.

[Reference source] smleaf


  1. Jack seems to think he's quite a tactition. Is his plan to make Dion look so bad that he can vault himself into 24 Sussex ahead of Rae or Ignatieff? After all we know that's his primary ambition. The Separatists must be laughing their heads off?

  2. The liberal party is the party of scams. It stopped being honourable with the demise of Pearson as leader, the politicization of the senior public service, and the introduction of Quebec style graft and corruption.