Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Bloc is a cancer eating away at the unity of our country

Let’s be very clear: an attack against the Bloc is not an attack against loyal Canadians who live in Quebec. It is the prerogative, and perhaps duty, of all loyal Canadians—inside Quebec and in the rest of Canada—to bring the Bloc and its supporters to task at every opportunity.

The Bloc is a cancer eating away at the unity of our country—politicians pretending otherwise are being disingenuous.

It is, and rightly so, abhorrent to have a ruling coalition beholden to the Bloc. I don’t care which party combination does it, it is wrong to do so.

Parliament has now been prorogued until late-January. Perhaps by that time the Liberals and New Democrats will reconsider and cancel their alliance with the separatists.smleaf


  1. True. But like any cancer the only solution is to either cut it out, or massive chemo/radiation therapy.
    We need to once and for all call the Bloc's bluff. Lay out the terms of separation and staying. Have a single binding referendum in Quebec to either stay forever or go forever. If Quebec chooses to leave, so be it, the ROC can get on with life. Until then the Bloc will continue to blackmail the ROC at every turn to get special treatment for Quebec at the expense of everyone else.

  2. Amen
    Maany more Canadians need to emerge from denial and fantasy land