Saturday, November 15, 2008

A “yes” vote on P-203 at the Conservative policy convention may be beginning of the end of Ezra Lavant’s battle against the Canadian Human Rights Commission

Conservative blogger and free speech advocate Ezra Levant must be feeling pretty good this weekend after receiving the news that not only did resolution P-203 pass, but Justice Minister Rob Nicholson himself voted “yes.”

Mr. Levant has been hounded by those who would deny him his right to freedom of expression presumably because they were offended by what he has written. Yes, “offended,” not slandered or libeled—just offended!

He must also be heartened to hear that “after P-203 passed, there was a spontaneous standing ovation in the hall.”

If justice does prevail, then Mr. Levant’s battle against the Canadian Human Rights Commission will have truly been won.

And that will be a victory for all Canadians.

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