Saturday, November 29, 2008

What price will Grits pay for power

To buy their one-off coalition, the Stéphane Dion led Grits will make Canadians pay a hefty price to the socialists—you can bet on that.

Watch for:

  • Proportional representation (already rejected in Ontario).
  • Job-killing higher tax on corporations.
  • Billions in “green” taxes to fund social programs.
  • Billions wasted on a redundant stimulus package.
  • Billions more for national child care.
  • Billions wasted on environmental initiatives that will not delay climate change/global warming by even one millisecond.
  • Unprecedented concessions made to Quebec.
  • Unprecedented concessions made to labour unions.
  • A stacked Senate (18 sets now vacant and 11 up for retirement in 2009—thanks, Gerry).

Brace yourselves, folks.smleaf


  1. The next time a Canadian Prime Minister is considering various candidates to fill the Governor General position it is anticipate that he will recall the political situation currently being played out on Parliament Hill.

    It is no secret that Prime Minster Martin appointed the contemporary GG strictly on an affirmative action basis thereby expecting immeasurable political gains among women, immigrants and French voters. Unfortunately the PM didn’t appear to judge it a critical negative that Mrs. Jean had no appropriate education, training and/or noteworthy qualifications pursuant to the position. Equally regretful and reckless, Prime Minister Martin disregarded the rumors of the time associating Mrs. Jean and her leftist husband with the separatists.


  2. Hold on there, Anon., I think the Governor General is doing a fine job!

  3. The proportional representation won't happen. The Bloc Quebecois will never vote for it as they would lose under it, so no worries on that one. As for the other policies, they are a risk undoubtedly, but public opinion is also going to play a role. If the popularity of the coalition goes South enough, they may have to say enough. Also the NDP, I think are truly horrified at the prospect of a Tory majority so I suspect some of the moderates like Thomas Mulclair will be sensible enough not to go too overboard.

  4. History shows the Martin and Chretien enabled Belinda Stranach and Magna to slowly kill the CAW jobs with all those Non-Union workers making parts for Ontario's Non-Unionized Japanese Auto-plants while the Taxpayers pumped million into FORD/GM/Chrysler .
    Today we se that they all are crying-poor as the victims of each other while we taxpayers are once again expected to fund this endless Charade of paying people to build cars that don't sell and then CEO that skim-off massive Bonus cheques for only losing 3 billion this year instead of the expected 8 billion.

    BTW, didn't Paul Martin eke by the Finish-Line with more canadains that DIDN'T vote for him?
    So why is it that when Liberals don't get their way after an Election they think they need to rescue us lowly peon idiots from ourselves because Democracy failed when they lost .
    Typical Liberal arrogance by the Wealthy/White/Elite/males that are so full of themselves they see us as slacked-jawed morons that can be scammed for suckers to bleed rry with High taxes and call it a "Surplus" when they really $crew our pay cheques.