Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Tories safe for now

Liberal leader Stéphane Dion has criticized the Conservative Throne Speech, but has said his party will not vote against it. NDP leader Jack Layton—at his pompous puffed-up best—has indicated he will not support the government.

Preparing Canadians for an economic downturn was the theme of the Throne Speech as delivered by Governor-General Michaëlle Jean. The Speech warned that the government may have to run a deficit to protect Canadians from further pain during an economic downturn, but promises any new deficit era will be short-lived.

Unspecified aid for Canada’s manufacturing and auto sectors was also promised.


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  2. Any alleged fiscal conservative government that is so incompetent or that succumbs to a big spending ideological so fervently that it can not curtail one or two billion dollars from a $200 billion budget does not merit re-election.

    A genuine fiscal conservative government would immediately search for superfluous assets such as the far-left bias CBC to sell, implement an immediate wage freeze on the civil service, eliminate low priority programs or lowering spending on others such as reducing the number of immigrants and refugees for this and next year.

  3. machiavelli...
    Has it not occuer to you that there are no longer any truly fiscally conservative governments?
    I guess we could always let the Liberals back into power?

  4. Ya, Mike Harris tried that in Ontario and it gave us 8 years of McGuinty liberals