Saturday, November 29, 2008

Tories back down: PM loses face

Tories back down: Stephen Harper’s Conservatives will back away from their proposal to slash public funding for political parties and offer a hastily patched together stimulus package to give the opposition a face-saving way out of this messy nonsense.

quote-left-red-grey-bgI don’t think it’s worth going into an election over this political subsidy.quote-right-red-grey-bg

– John Baird, Transport Minister

The immediate crisis seems to have passed, but let there be no doubt: there are no angels here. The events of the last couple of days represent a major political miscalculation of the sort Canadians cannot afford at any time, but most particularly at this time in our history when the world faces its toughest economic challenge in over 75 years.

Because of this Tory miscalculation, Stéphane Dion and the opposition seems to have found some backbone. The genie is out of the bottle and won’t be put back in. The opposition now is prepared to sacrifice themselves rather than be slammed around and have their noses rubbed in the dirt. And there’s probably someone in the PMO who should be given a “pink slip” because of this.

Let’s hope the Ottawa boys and girls stop their silly games and get back to work.

Good grief! Have we forgotten the state of world affairs?

God save Canada!smleaf


  1. Personally I don’t think this was a bad move nor do I think PMSH lost face. I do believe this was a calculated move to educate the voters on the financing of political parties in this country. When I see the media and the opposition parties frothing at the mouth I see an opportunity not a error. Some people play checkers others play chess.
    There can be no made in Canada solution until BHO makes his move in late January, time to plan but not time for action.

  2. In caving, I think the PM threw away a massive advantage in public opinion surrounding the uproar from the Opp.

  3. Apparently the Liberals have totally forgotten what the hell is actually happening in the world. To think a rag tag coalition of people who truly are NOT on the same page would actually create anything but more chaos are naive to the extreme. God save Canada and Stephen Harper from the Liberal frieks who mascarade as our saviors. Good grief!!!

  4. You actually think this is over? I think you'll find the consensus view among the opposition is this train is now on the track and it 'aint stopping.

    The general view is that Scott Reid is right and A: Harper must be taken down, and B: There will never be a better chance.

  5. A noble sentiment Russ.

    I think that the lack of an adequate stimulus package is the single most pressing argument (to me as a Liberal) to replace the Harper government. It may though be too little and too late to stop the process to replace Harper that he himself has started.

    A week ago, I was completely resigned to the fact that the Harper government would last a couple years. I would never have imagined that the economic update would be so provocative that a Liberal minority government would suddenly appear more appealing.

    But there are alot of people excited by the possibility now and I can't say I am opposed.

  6. Russ, you are assuming PMSH expected to win the 'take the candy from the babies' game.

    As messy as it was, Canadians got a birds eye view of
    -Liberals clinging to their entitlements
    -After the government presented 3 consecutive balanced budgets, LibDipperBloc demanded deficit spending, for bailouts of unknown proportion.
    -Visions of Jack Layton Finance Minister in a Liberal led coalition government...frightening