Monday, November 24, 2008

Paul Martin predicts Rae-Ignatieff rivalry won’t split Grits

In what may turn out to be merely a case of wishful thinking, The Canadian Press reports that former prime minister Paul Martin is confident the Grits will void the disunity caused by recent Liberal leadership rivalries.

image Past rifts in the party such as the one caused by the acrimony between Mr. Martin and former prime minister Jean Chrétien have only recently healed somewhat. Now Liberals want to avoid the kind of nasty in-fighting they saw during the 2006 leadership campaign in which current leader Stéphane Dion emerged as a compromise winner.

Sparring between Michael Ignatieff and Bob Rae went public last week and threatens to divide the party even after next May when one of them will likely emerge as the replacement for Dion.smleaf

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  1. Ha! Like we should trust him to offer advice about successful, smooth and harmonious transitions!