Saturday, November 1, 2008

Much weeping and gnashing of teeth by Quebec media

Graeme Hamilton has an interesting post at NP Posted:

“It turns out there is a price to thumbing your nose at a government that showered you with money and nation status, in favour of a separatist party that can only be in opposition.”

There must be some temptation on the part of Prime Minister Harper to really stick it to Quebec in the next couple of years as pay-back for their ungratefulness.

The prime minister reached out to Quebec during his last term, and was rebuffed in the last election. The indifference of voters in that province must leave a bitter taste in his mouth. And I must admit there is a part of me that says screw them, ignore the spoilt brats, no more favours.

But then reality sets in: Quebec holds the political high cards. There are just too many seats involved for any party to alienate the voters there. The PM has to bite his lip and keep plugging away to try and make more inroads into Bloc support. Any hope of a strong majority depends on it.

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