Thursday, November 20, 2008

Liberal Leadership: a Hobson’s choice

The Liberal Party’s leadership race is shaping up to be a Hobson’s choice for potential delegates to the convention in Vancouver in May 2009. For many, especially those representing Ontario ridings, the choice to replace Stéphane Dion will be Toronto MP Michael Ignatieff or stay home.

I cannot see New Brunswick MP Dominic LeBlanc garnering much support in Ontario or in the West, and former socialist Bob Rae is not likely to live down those deficit-ridden NDP years as Ontario premier in the 1990s—Rae Days and overflowing Welfare rolls are still an open wound for many in Ontario.

That leaves Mr. Ignatieff as their only real choice. And then may the Lord have mercy on us all.smleaf


  1. With regards to the NDP candidate for the Gliberal leadership, I think you grossly overestimate the intelligence of the average Ontarioan LLL moonbat. Rae has every bit as good a chance as the American candidate.

  2. I once voted for Rae & swore I would never vote dipper again.Now that Bob is a liberal I would gladly vote for Rae knowing that he will do to the liberal party what he once did to Ontario.