Thursday, November 20, 2008

Levant has interesting take on Kinsella’s opposition to Sec. 13

One of our strongest advocates of free expression and by extension the repeal of Sec. 13 (1) of the Canadian Human Rights Act (CHRA), Ezra Levant has an interesting take on Warren Kinsella vis à vis his vociferous defence of Sec. 13. Mr. Levant writes:

opn-quote Until Kinsella joined Ignatieff’s team a week ago, Kinsella was Canada’s most virulent opponent of repealing section 13, spitting venom at anyone who proposed it, calling them Nazis, threatening to sue them (and in my case, actually suing me!) and generally making a public ass of himself.

Since joining Ignatieff’s team, Kinsella hasn’t gone totally mute on the subject, but his volume knob has been turned down 90%. I’m sure Kinsella would have been in full dudgeon about the Conservative Party’s convention vote on the subject had he not on Ignatieff’s campaign.cls-quote


I saw Mr. Kinsella on the Michael Coren Show earlier in the week and noted elsewhere in this blog what I thought was a change in his demeanor. It never occurred to me at the time, however, that his recent affiliation with Liberal leadership hopeful Michael Ignatieff might account for it.

I noted at the time that “He [Kinsella] was soft spoken and quite proper, however, not the abrasive aggressive Liberal ‘war room’ fellow, whose hatred of conservative views is almost palpable.” After reading Mr. Levant’s post, I have a better understanding of the change in Mr. Kinsella.smleaf

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  1. Oddly enough, Michael Ignatieff has actually written a book on the dangers of the "Idolatry" and the west creating a "religion" over human rights.. the book, "Human Rights as Politics and Idolatry".

    The Amazon review suggests the book will be an interesting read.. suggesting that Ignatieff's suggestion is that the West is forsaking its political heritage of individualism and thereby eroding the foundations upon which a truly universal system of human rights may be built."

    I've pointed this out to Warren Kinsella.. and the crickets keep chirping seeking his take on this..LOL.