Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hidden agenda hysteria

The hysteria generated among the political left over their perceived Conservative Party “hidden agenda” has once again spiked with the passing of Resolutions P-207 and P-203 at last week’s Conservative policy convention.

Whenever Tory-bashers like Warren Kinsella run out of things about which to flagellate The Conservative Party, they trot out the tried and true “hidden agenda” phrase, which is guaranteed to set Liberal/NDP heads nodding in conspiratorial agreement.

The Conservative Party supports legislation to ensure that individuals who commit violence against a pregnant woman would face additional charges if her unborn child was killed or injured during the commission of a crime against the mother. —

RES. P-207

Apparently there is a secret conspiracy among Conservatives to keep hidden the fact that they include many social conservatives within their ranks. Wow, conservatives in the Conservative party—that’s really scary stuff.

Now the latest proof that such a conspiracy exists: the passing of Resolution P-207, which seeks to add charges to anyone who kills or injures a fetus during the commission of a crime against a pregnant mother.

Thus you get such dire warnings as this one from Mr. Kinsella, “Message to Canadian women: if they [Conservatives] get a majority, they plan to take away your right to choose. Period.”

In the absence of solid evidence, set up a straw man. If one is incapable of engaging in fair political debate—or even understanding what that is—resort to Paul Martin-style scare tactics.smleaf That’s the Liberal way.


  1. "In the absence of solid evidence, set up a straw man."

    ... or... listen to what conservatives themselves are saying about P-207.

    Like this guy who says P-207 is a "good place to start" because he is "uncomfortable [with an] unlimited, unfettered, unregulated and absolute" right of a woman to choose abortion. Did I quote you correctly?

    It is really amusing watch all of this unfold.

    It is precisely this kind of resolution and your kind of comments that, rightly, feed the flame of a "hidden agenda". Except it is now not so hidden. All along we knew that the Conservative Party wants to limit the rights of a woman to control her own body. Now, despite Harper muzzling the so-cons grassroots at the last convention and trying hard to do the same this convention, it is out in the open and now official Conservative Party policy.

    That is better, frankly, in my view. It is better to have an open debate about this issue than to have the Conservatives try to sneak it in after they get elected with a majority (which, of course, they just ensured they won't get).

  2. Kinsella wrote:

    " Message to Canadian women: if they get a majority, they plan to take away your right to choose. Period."

    There's an ocean of difference between that warning and my preference that you quoted.

    However, you don't sound the type who'd recognize/acknowledge the difference.

    Sorry to disappoint, but there really is no hidden agenda. You'll just have to find real issues to bleat about.

    BTW, when has there ever been "open debate" on abortion in Canada?