Friday, November 28, 2008

Have the Tories blinked first?

The Tories have apparently backed down on their threat to include the cut to political party subsidies in the confidence vote on their fiscal flahertyupdate set for Monday. The opposition, nevertheless, seem as determined as ever to bring down the government.

Or are they? Now that their handouts are safe, do they really have the stomach to go back to the polls so soon?

Here we have the situation where any other Group of Seven government would gladly trade positions with Canada’s financial infrastructure, and yet our opposition parties want to defeat our freshly mandated government.

quote-left-red-grey-bgBy acting when prospects were brighter, we avoided a situation where we would have been compelled to take panicked and undisciplined measures when times were tougher.quote-right-red-grey-bg

– Finance Minister Jim Flaherty

While the United States and others around the world have had to inject trillions to shore up their banks and economies, Canada has been able to avoid costly bailouts. True, the Bank of Canada and Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation have both pitched in and taken mortgages from the banks in exchange for cash, but, so far, this has not been at a cost to taxpayers.

Indeed, Canada is the only member of the G7 still recording surpluses. This is a remarkable record, much of the credit for which belongs to the Jean Chrétien/Paul Martin Liberal governments. They laid the groundwork that has provided Canada’s robustness in the face of this economic downturn.

And the Stephen Harper government is demonstrating that even in the face of wide-spread panic, they will remain calm and resist shrill calls from the opposition to throw open the govenrment’s vaults and shovel taxpayer money out the door. The United States is doing that, but their banking infrastructure has collapsed, ours has not.

I think the fiscal update will pass the vote of confidence next week. It makes good economic sense that it does.smleaf


  1. I heard if the government falls, Dion will be ousted and Ignatieff will be made leader of the Liberal party. Then he'll be made leader of Canada once the liberals and NDP form a coalition with an outside pledge of support from the Bloc.

    And the Liberals say the Conservatives are a front to democracy? The Liberal/NDP coalition will be 29 seats short of the Conservatives with an unelected party leader being made an unelected Prime Minister. All without an election. Where are the palm trees and beaches cause this must be Cuba.

  2. Russ, the Liberals do not want to go to the polls for any reason.

    The Liberals want to SEIZE power, bypass the electorate (which have refused to elect a Liberal government twice in the last 3 years) and go straight into cabinet.

    Power baby, it's all about power not Canada.

  3. Good point, Wilson, and I agree with you.

  4. I am a little peeved they have backed off on removing the subsidies as it was one, albeit small, foray into reducing entitlements. Part of me wants to see what would happen if the dog's breakfast coalition attempts to govern as it would have to rival coalitions in other countries for compositional diversity - particularly with the Bloc participating in governing that from which they wish to secede. And the egos involved alone makes for endless gaffs and contradictions. On the other hand, I prefer to watch disaster movies than live one.

  5. Seems like a bit of panic amongst Tory Bloggers.

    Nothing like abit of outrage feigned at the Bloc as you head off to Opposition.

    Stephen Harper is his own worse enemey.
    He has brought this upon himself (and all Tories) needlessly.
    He'll be gone as Tory Leader by Spring.

  6. Panic, no.Just grave concern that the unelectable Marxist left is trying to seize power through the back door without having a mandate from the electorate.

    The Bloc, whose 50 some odd seats in Quebec effectively stopped a Harper majority, is now prepared to eat its cake too.They will hold the balance of power if this coalition comes to fruition.

    Is this what you want anonymous? A party dedicated to the breakup of our country holding onto the reigns of power?

    Are you insane?

  7. Panic Anonymoose? Hardly. Tell you what though, I have $1000 that says Harper will still be Tory Leader by Spring - assuming he is still alive which is the caveat. There is something about putting your money where your mouth is that seems to elude the supporters of the Greens, NDP and Liberals and I am calling you on your prediction. Russ, as hoster of this blog, can act to directly connect us - unless you really don't believe your own prediction. If you want to wager higher I am good with that.

  8. Gerry, exchange e-mails and keep the betting offline and private—I don’t broker wagers:-)