Sunday, November 9, 2008

Ground rules for Liberal’s leadership race published

The Liberal’s national executive decided Saturday to turn an April 30–May 3 policy convention in Vancouver into a leadership convention, and set an entrance fee of $90,000 (compared to $50,000 in 2006), which could deter some lesser known candidates without deep pockets from entering the race.

Each candidate’s expenses will be restricted to $1.5 million—the limit for the 2006 leadership race was $3.4 million. Moreover, candidates will have to pass over 10 per cent of all money they raise to the Liberal party.

Toronto MP Bob Rae and New Brunswick MP Dominic LeBlanc have already declared their intention to seek the leadership. Michael Ignatieff is also almost certain to run.

Others who reportedly are seriously thinking about contesting the leadership are former cabinet minister Martin Cauchon, Toronto MP Martha Hall Findlay, Montreal MP Denis Coderre, Ottawa MP David McGuinty and Brampton MP Ruby Dhalla.

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