Friday, November 28, 2008

Government in waiting: Dion, Layton, Duceppe

Oh joy! Mean old Stephen Harper wants to take away the opposition’s government hand-out, so they plan vote his party out and install a coalition of Canadians’ second, third and fourth choices to run the country.

As prime minister, we’ll have Stéphane Dion whose Green Shift platform was resoundingly rejected only a few weeks ago, and whose leadership was rejected by his own party. Supporting him will be Michael Ignatieff, whose love for Canada was so strong he spent most of the past 30 years living in another country, and Bob Rae whose last time in government was an unmitigated failure, leaving the province of Ontario virtually bankrupt.

But not to worry, the coalition will bring in that pompous socialist self-promoter Jack Layton whose NDP party has been rejected by Canadians for decades, leaving them without so much as a sniff of power federally since they were formed as the CCF party about 80 years ago. And supporting Layton is Gilles Duceppe—you know, Duceppe, he’s leader of the party that wants to tear Canada apart. I wonder what ministry they have in mind for him?

Here’s your lineup:

  • Dion as prime minister
  • Layton as finance minister
  • Duceppe as minister of culture and inter-provincial affairs
  • Ignatieff will head up foreign affairs
  • Bob Rae will head up a new portfolio: budgeting and strategic planning.

And maybe they’ll appoint Elizabeth May to the Senate—she’ll never get into parliament any other way—and make her minister of the environment.

The prospect would be hilarious, if only the future of our country was not at stake.smleaf


  1. LOL... You'll have to check my "leaked" Cabinet list... spooky, we both put down the May/Senate/Enviro suggestion.

  2. What you say is truly scary. I hope it doesn't come to that.

  3. Scratch Dion as leader. The elites in the LPC have told msm that they have the authority to appoint Iggy leader, IF Dion resigns.
    In typical Librano fashion, the Lib elites will make Dion ''an offer he can't refuse''.

    Chretien is back in charge of the Libranos.

  4. I heard if the government falls, Dion will be ousted and Ignatieff will be made leader of the Liberal party. Then he'll be made leader of Canada once the liberals and NDP form a coalition with an outside pledge of support from the Bloc.

    And the Liberals say the Conservatives are a front to democracy? The Liberal/NDP coalition will be 29 seats short of the Conservatives with an unelected party leader being made an unelected Prime Minister. All without an election. Where are the palm trees and beaches cause this must be Cuba.

  5. Nice Blog. Not as emotionally charged as mine. Apparently the head of the axis of weasels is due to step down today. Hoping for an election, the Conservatives need a majority to get anything done in this country. Sad how Canadians voted and their vote was not respected by the Axis of Weasles. Have a good day. Gotta jet. Deirdre