Sunday, November 30, 2008

Feds to table budget January 27

Here’s the latest chapter in the continuing saga of political brinkmanship being played out in our capital: CTV News web site reports this morning that Finance Minister Jim Flaherty will table the Tory government’s fiscal year 2009/10 budget on January 27.

quote-left-red-grey-bgWe are going to freeze the [political party] contribution level, the subsidy level on that, but we will not seek to eliminate it, because the number one issue is the economy.quote-right-red-grey-bg

– Jim Flaherty

It remains far from certain whether the opposition will be satisfied with this timing and will back away from threats to defeat the government on its fiscal update.

In his statement to CTV’s Question Period this morning, Flaherty defended his government’s level of economic stimulus put forward so far; however, the opposition doesn’t seem to be buying it.

Liberal MP Michael Ignatieff said Flaherty did little to persuade opposition members to back away from forming a Bloc-backed coalition with the NDP in an attempt to defeat the government when the fiscal update comes to a vote on December 8.smleaf


  1. A week ago who would have thought this would happen. I am a Liberal and I certainly did not. I expected the Harper governement to find support with one of the parties.

    What happened is that Flaherty did not do what he needed to do as Finance Minister, i.e. plan for the requisite support of his legislation. He should have canvassed the other parties and found a way to get a majority of the votes in the elected House of Commons. His (and Harper's) baffling failure to seek support indicates that he is not capable of the position.

    There a many intelligent decent people in the Conservative party who need to stand up. Harper and Flaherty must resign for the sake of the country.

  2. Seek and you will find — blame, that is. There’s a lot to go around.