Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Elizabeth May: she was “flying by the seat of my pants”

In a shameful piece of self promotion, Elizabeth May is blaming her Green Party for being “clearly may unprepared” and failing to get her elected in her Nova Scotia riding of Central Nova.

In a document reportedly authored by Ms. May and apparently leaked to The Canadian Press, she provides her analysis of her party’s showing in the past federal election.

Among May’s criticisms are:

  • “No campaign planning document was ever prepared that I saw,” she wrote. “No campaign discussions and strategy calls took place during the campaign.”
  • “…I was flying by the seat of my pants.”
  • …the [Green] party spent its summer focusing on byelections, and was caught off guard by the election call.
  • …the party needs to find “more creative” ways during the next campaign to allow her to spend more time in her own riding.

Ms. May modestly pointed out:

opn-quoteWe dominated the first week in the protest over my exclusion from the debates. The second wave was our national leaders ‘whistle-stop’ tour. In all, I participated in events in 41 ridings.

Given the reality that this was our first major national campaign, and my first as leader, we did a remarkable job. cls-quote

A “remarkable job” indeed—please note that the Greens failed to win a single seat after more than 25 years of trying. In fact, the Greens under Ms. May’s leadership lost its only sitting member—a Liberal party cast-off who crossed the floor of parliament to join the hapless Greens prior to the last election.

Here’s another of Ms. May’s boasts:

opn-quoteMy personal popularity with the Canadian electorate is something, speaking as objectively as possible, that the Green party needs. I did not become leader of this party to quit and, in so doing, watch it decline.cls-quote

Decline from what, I wonder. How does a party decline from no seats?

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