Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bust out of your clothes and you can bust out of jail

The Globe and Mail reports that:


Michel Lapointe, who was imprisoned on drug-trafficking and conspiracy charges, walked out of Bordeaux Jail on Tuesday night after winning early parole – granted in part due to the health difficulties caused by his 400-plus-pound girth.cls-quote

Apparently, Lapointe suffered in jail because of his mattress was about a foot too narrow for his body, he couldn't squeeze his legs under the prison tables at mealtimes and seating didn't provide support for his back. (Oh dear, oh dear, I can feel his pain.)

Lapointe's weight reportedly increased to about 130 pounds during his time in jail. The weight gain has been blamed on greasy food.

Lapointe has filed a complaint with the Quebec Human Rights Commission, claiming that his rights were violated because he wasn't given the tools to rehabilitate himself.

Only in Canada.

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