Friday, November 28, 2008

Better watch out Bob: Iggy is edging you out

Liberal party insiders who support Michael Ignatieff will undoubtedly use the current party-in-crisis atmosphere to dump Stéphane Dion and install Ignatieff as leader without benefit of a full leadership convention, leaving poor old Bob Rae out in the cold

When powerful dynasties become old and corrupt, the traditional way to change leaders is by coup d’état, not election. And the Liberal Party of Canada is nothing if not a tired old corrupt political dynasty.

Apparently, neither Jack Layton nor secessionist Gilles Duceppe will support a Liberal-NDP coalition with Dion at the helm. So what will the power-hungry Grits do? Well, dump Stéphane, of course. Such a golden opportunity to be rid of looser Dion and grab the rains himself must be next to irresistible for Iggy, eh?

I don’t think the Tory government will fall next week, but Dion’s days as leader may well end before Christmas. With him as leader, it reduces maneuvering room for the Grits, and Iggy’s too bright not to see this.smleaf


  1. wrongo.

    Liberal leadership convention to proceed. Dion will lead until then.Bloc and NDP in agreement with Liberals.
    See upu in the Commons on Monday!

    Tell Lauren to start packing. Movers will be at 24 Sussex by Friday next week!!

  2. To what extent would this treasonous coalition be disposed to cave into the separatist’s demands pursuant to a much more dominant and quasi self-determining Quebec fed with loads of additional Canadian tax dollars?

    How big of a deficit would the Marxist Morons demand to satisfy there Marxist union bosses’ excessive, mostly superfluously, spending?


  3. reports indicate Dion is staying on as leader. You have different information or just a hunch?

  4. CTV reported, Dion as leader is not a done deal, Liberals are still fighting Liberals.

    Has anyone asked Lib MPs how they feel about an NDP Finance and Enviro Minister?