Wednesday, November 5, 2008

America has spoken: Obama wins election

Last night we saw history being made as Senator Barack Obama became the first president-elect of the United States who is of African-European descent.

capt.3b630148defe4386879f3f497f98fb38.obama_2008_ilrg123I have mixed feelings about this result. I like the idea that someone of African descent could—after almost 400 years—become president and commander in chief of the United States.

The Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, which officially abolished slavery, was adopted  in 1865. Last night, about 140 years later, we witnessed what we hope will be the final chapter in that sorry episode of U.S. history.

My personal preference would have been a Republican president, but I’ll shed no tears for the passing of the cowboy go-it-alone unilateralism that figured so prominently in recent American foreign policy. And I welcome the end to the farce that could have seen Sarah Palin a heartbeat from the presidency.

Senator John McCain was perhaps the only Republican candidate who could have kept the popular vote as close as it was (52-46 per cent), especially considering Obama’s landslide Electoral College victory (349-163). More than 56 million Americans voted for McCain giving the Republican Party a sound base on which to rebuild.

What sort of president and commander in chief will Obama make? Time will tell, of course, but my guess is that he’ll do just fine. Conservatives will probably have to wait until 2016 for their next real chance at the presidency.

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  1. Ge is also of American descent and was raised by his white Gransmother in Hawaii and knows what it is like to be an American, through and through.