Saturday, October 18, 2008

When Stéphane Dion goes silently into the night, will he be alone?

When Stéphane Dion goes silently into the night, will he be alone? Or will those staunch defenders of his like Martha Hall Findlay follow him into political retirement?

DION PRIORITIES Since Stéphane Dion is said to have lost the election for the Grits because of his lack of leadership skills and ineffective campaign platform, why should those who helped elect him and shape the platform not be forced to also fall on their swords?

Martha Hall Findlay became the first leadership candidate to throw her support behind Stéphane Dion. And later she became the Platform Outreach Chair for the Liberal Party and traveled across the country to gather ideas for the upcoming electoral platform. I have seen her praise Dion to the skies on several occasions on such TV programs as the Michael Coren Show on CTS.

Now that the leader and the platform that she helped design has flopped, should she receive a free pass?

And how about Bob Rae and Scott Brison, co-chairmen of the Liberals’ platform development committee?

Bison’s Liberal leadership platform emphasised both environmentalism and economic reform calling for a “green” platform that included personal and corporate tax cuts to prompt business growth and curb pollution. Sound familiar?

It just seems so unfair that Dion is forced out, yet those who put him there in the first place and those who helped build the campaign platform can carry on without apparent consequence.

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  1. Did they purposely set Dion up to fail? Liberals are blaming the Conservative ads, but maybe they should look inward to understand the real problem.