Saturday, October 25, 2008

The US$150,000 wardrobe

I find it rather tedious to listen to the lame defense of Sarah Palin's acceptance of a US$150,000 wardrobe for herself and her family.

Supporters of the McCain-Palin ticket are trying to make it seem acceptable for a self proclaimed defender of Joe Six-pack and a "Hockey Mom" to be making public appearances in outfits costing thousands of dollars.

Gov. Palin does not have to wear jackets costing $3,000 or more to look nice. Sarah Palin in a complete outfit costing no more than $500 would be very presentable. (What was she wearing for her last campaign as governor?) I know women who dress for less than that when going out to various functions and they receive complements on their taste—and these are middle- to upper-middle-class moms.

Many Republicans who call themselves conservatives aren't; they are elitists who have no real idea how the average American lives. The average American household earns about $60,000 and spends less than $2,000 annually on clothes. Multiply that by 30 times and you should be able to outfit a family very well for a less than six-month campaign.

A family wardrobe suitable for any election campaign could be had for about US$60,000 or so. That would be the conservative way, not the way of elitists.


  1. I hear what you're saying but don't you find it rather disturbing that the media is more concerned about what the VP candidate is wearing than her record as a executive or legislator? If not, why aren't you questioning the cost of the suits which Biden wears?

  2. I don't agree that "the media is more concerned about what the VP candidate is wearing than her record as a executive or legislator."

    Gov. Palin's record as an executive or legislator has been covered extensively in the media.

    The excessive wardrobe is a separate issue that has much to say about her character and sincerity about being able to relate to Joe Six-pack and Hockey Moms.

  3. How much does Joe Biden's suit cost again?

  4. I don't know how much Biden's suits cost, but apparently you do, so why not tell us? Or is this a straw man you're trying to erect?

    BTW, do you consider it's also OK for the GOP campaign to pay $22,800 for the first two weeks of October alone for Gov. Palin's makeup artist? Or how about the hair stylist who got $10,000 for “Communications Consulting” in the first half of October?

    All very conservative, isn't it.

  5. I find it rather tedious when fools repeat lies.

    Gov. Palin and her family did not choose and do not own any of the clothing items you refer to; they were acquired by and therefore are the property of the RNC and will be headed for charity after the election. They keep none of them. These are only for the consumption of media portrayal during the election campaign.

    Therefore, a sensible comparison would be with advertising expenses; which I understand for the Obama campaign are now running just a whisker under $240,000 a SECOND.

    Looks like the Republicans are being *very* conservative indeed!

  6. This story is over a week old and you're STILL going on about it.

    In addition, not once have you asked or explained how much either Barack Obama, Joe Biden or Michele Obama have spent on their clothes.

    I'm shocked that a "blogging tory" would spend so much time trying to belittle Sarah Palin. You don't like her; fine, explain why and stop attacking her for something that is common place in a political campaign.

    It seems to me that something deeper is at work with your attacks on her.

  7. So, you want her to wear a cloth sack and proclaim that is what makes her conservative? If your employer gives you a car as a perk of the job, do you turn it down because you prefer to take the bus, even though that will hamper the job you will do?

    This $150,000 clothes allowance is a strawman, it allows people to proclaim their disgust with Sarah Palin without having to actually state any facts about why she isn't Conservative enough for them, and therefore they can justify their support of Obama without feeling guilty about throwing their conservative ideals away.


    Wonder how much Obama's wife's clothes cost? Judging by those sweaters and dresses.....??? Maybe it's OPERA hand me downs?

    MSM in the USA is WORSE than the CBC in Canada, if thats possible.

  9. My mistake! I thought you were buying into the MSM's extensive character assassination of Palin rather than objecting on principle to spending huge $$$ while representing herself to be fiscally conservative. My point wasn't intended as a strawman, rather highlighting the dichotomy of how the MSM are covering the candidates.

    You're right- it is a bizarre amount of money. I could almost understand it if Palin was from California, double-dipped in that superficial culture. Maybe she's taking that Caribou Barbie thing to heart?

  10. So, Alexcurylo, I'm a fool who repeats lies. Very clever, but hardly accurate. Still it's the McCain-Palin way isn't it—name calling trumping issues.

    If there was never anything wrong with the whole thing, why has Palin stopped wearing the clothes.