Thursday, October 23, 2008

Toronto’s TTC buses a bust

That union money pit they call the TTC in Toronto have gotten themselves in an expensive fix for buying unreliable hybrid buses.

The inept brain trust—I’m reluctant to call them management—at Canada’s largest public transportation service has saddled taxpayers with 275 hybrid buses and are on the hook to buy 120 more, each costing $234,000 more than the $500,000 it costs for a conventional bus.

In May, The Globe and Mail reported that a third of the rooftop lead-acid battery cells in use on the hybrids had worn out after about 18 months, despite a promised four-year lifespan.

TTC testing also has shown that the buses are using only 10 per cent less diesel than a conventional bus instead of the 20 to 30 per cent less that was originally promised. Apparently, the fact that Toronto has more suburban high-speed routes, where hybrid engines make less of a difference.

Toronto City Councillor Michael Walker is calling for the resignation of the councillors on the commission, and that the TTC officials that approved the bus purchase and the contract should be fired.

None of that will happen, of course. Incompetence of this nature seldom has such negative consequences in the Toronto municipal government and its various agencies. That’s just the Toronto way.

They’ll just whine to the provincial and federal governments about how hard done-by they are, and, of course, they will raise property taxes…again.

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  1. This just another example of the insane, blind stampede to appease the climate nazis. Biofuels have proven to be a bust and most of Europe is seeing the folly of untried and untested green experiments as they watch their economies go under and their taxes rise. The Suzukis, Gores, Mays, and Dions of the world have managed to send politicians into a frenzy of activity with their predictions that the world will come to an end in two or three years if we don't act now. They all resemble a Keystone Cops movie as they stumble over one another hoping for some golden panacea that will make everything right again. Stupidy of this kind will only serve to turn more people against the whole notion of a cleaner environment as they watch ill-conceived schemes pour their tax dollars down a rathole.